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You've been asked to increase civic activity in your community.
They had a low standard of living, and no time for civic and community participation, due to their long hours.
Knowledge of science no doubt has some practical and civic benefits.
The new mayors will be able to knock heads together, and their ability to attract media attention will help to foster civic pride.
Business and government leaders met to search their civic souls.
Variable sense of civic duty affects voter turnout.
The idea is to harness the energy of the city and revive the central plaza as a vibrant civic center.
The reasons for this change in civic life are both political and social.
Civic participation via social media will transform the future of business.
During periods of civil unrest and civic corruption, the tombs were victims of almost unfettered grave-robbing.
Thankfully, he is also lengthening the hours of local civic centers and recreation centers.
Universities can provide the skills that are crucial to the development of vibrant civic life.
From a distance the stadium oozes self-confidence and civic pride.
More fundamentally, the structure of representative government keeps citizens in civic adolescence.
Local businesses and civic groups join to provide a distinctive, authentic visitor experience.
Now civic groups and native organizations are pushing governments and the courts to rein in oil development.
We've only begun to see the power of this medium in our civic lives.
Their whole life style and basis for civic duty is guided by money.
There is much to enjoy in the new wing and much cause for civic pride.
But civic groups are not supporting what are seen simply as tax dodgers.
After three years of civic involvement, he was elected the town's mayor.
Since the trend is often thought of as a private matter, you argue that its impact on civic life and politics is overlooked.
There he continued to field requests from civic leaders and patriotic groups, who grew exasperated when he turned them down.
There should not be a single ornament put upon great civic buildings, without some intellectual intention.
It meant that a mortgage was put on the civic life of the morrow, which was not to be borne.
The want of them makes the great gap in the city life that is to be our modern civic life.
But poets have been challenged to resign the civic crown to reasoners and mechanists, on another plea.
Identify civic organizations or charities that recycle aluminum cans to raise funds.
Large, ornate civic buildings often merit a lawn, because they cannot be visually comprehended close up.
Surely our increasingly sophisticated citizens should be able to handle more civic responsibilities, not fewer.
It didn't take long for the governor's civic education instincts to strike.
Being dismissive of earnest civic concerns gets you nowhere.
It's seldom a good idea to think of cable news programming as a gauge of anything other than the decline of civic discourse.
Some of you might say it's your news source that fulfills your civic responsibility to follow current events.
Americans participating less and less in civic life.
Students don't know much about history, and colleges aren't adding enough to their civic literacy, says a report out today.
All are free, the brainchildren of civic-minded, computer-savvy people.
He accepted, and also agreed to set up a new advisory council including the opposition and civic groups.
Faith used to drive a lot of voluntarism, civic engagement and self-reliance.
But some see membership as part of civic engagement.
It might be a hidden blessing if some of us are pushed into careers in government, finance, or civic service.
Many struck out on their own and were engaged in civic affairs.
They're extinct, relics of the prehistoric past, back when television pretended to espouse civic ideals.
Even she, who was otherwise skeptical, appreciated the gang's effect on civic order.
We tend to feel that political participation is an unmixed good, a symptom of civic health and virtue.
It perennially ranks near the bottom on practically every basic measure of civic health.
The group aims to create a worldwide network of civic leaders who call for an end to the manufacture and use of nuclear weapons.
Environmental and civic responsibility were key considerations in the construction.

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