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Example sentences for city council

The beautifully restored building contains the oldest operating city council chamber in the state.
But city council acted, and required that all sleighs carry bells to warn pedestrians.
What happens when some city council decides to disallow all protests.
Check your destination's city council or public library site for similar services.
Start by drawing names out of a hat for city council seats.
Next election only city council names are put in the hat for county supervisors.
Determined to provide the best possible service, the city council took aggressive action to solve the problem.
The city council and the mayor are affiliated with the university, needless to say.
On the city council, enemies of heavy industry demanded that all the ovens be shut down.
Somewhere today there is someone who is oblivious to these tools who is running for city council and is dialing for dollars.
Partly as a result, the city council became majority-white for the first time in more than twenty years.
These folks aren't inclined to run for city council or seek jobs in the civil service.
We forced the city council to appropriate funds for anti-meth campaigns designed by our own community groups.
The mayor's actions received unanimous support from the city council.
Give us jobs, education and a seat on the city council.
Since his election last year his attendance at city council meetings had been sporadic.
For over a year the mayor and the seven-member city council have wrangled over the debt.
And in many ways he fulfilled that promise, despite being hampered by a weak economy and an often unco-operative city council.
The governor appointed a chief operating officer who could veto decisions made by the mayor and the city council.
For the moment, each city council runs its own military affairs and appoints its own security chief.
The police and the city council eventually decided to license saunas as places of public entertainment.
Its city council annually puts up the money for a show of works by local painters and sculptors.
Occupiers there have even received handshakes and an official resolution of support from the city council.
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