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Anyone who still doubts belongs to the same group of people who still doubt our president's citizenship.
Many other freedoms inhere in humanity and in citizenship, and neither the university nor anyone else should interfere with them.
If you could get citizenship or were in the process of applying for it, that would be even better.
Practical understandings, such as those needed for better health and good citizenship, arise from these key ideas.
Without citizenship, they often have no right to schooling, health care or property ownership.
The two sides must still negotiate citizenship rights, oil rights and border demarcation.
We appreciate your good corporate citizenship, and our parents need it to continue.
It has toughened the citizenship test and doubled the lump sum required to gain quick access as an investor.
It is one thing to offer benefits to citizens who are felt to need them, another to water down the principle of equal citizenship.
These well-intentioned groups certainly did not invent the idea of good corporate citizenship, which goes back a long way.
With an eye toward the children of illegal immigrants, some politicians are trying to end birthright citizenship.

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