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Indeed, since the citadel collapsed into a natural underground cistern.
It flushes with two litres of water, compared with the ten litres required by a standard cistern toilet.
If you don't have a dual flush toilet put a brick into the cistern to reduce capacity.
The cistern was built more than a thousand years ago with pieces of already-ancient temples and churches.
If you don't have a swimming pool, you could install a cistern or rain barrels.
We built a big cistern, and water runs off the roof into a trough into the cistern.
Holding sewage in a cistern is simply allowing for mutations to occur, and adds health risks.
The water arrived from a distant spring in wooden pipes on stone piers to the manor's cistern house.
Its original cistern now serves as a pedestal for a fountain.
The runoff from the rain gutters will be plumbed to my cistern.
There are kerosene lamps, a generator and a rainwater cistern.
Wastewater from the process flows to a cistern, where it mixes with collected storm water and runoff.
People use the roofs of their houses to collect water in a cistern, which supplies them for the year.
It has been over ten years since the quality of cistern water has been investigated in a systematic way.
The catchment area consists of the flat roofs and awnings of the structure, directed to an at-grade cistern for storage.
During heavy precipitation events, excess water is pumped from the wetlands to a cistern.
Overflow from the cistern is directed to a conveyance trench that safely directs flows away from structures.
If you don't care if your cistern goes dry, change that setting above.

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