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Far more serious is the possibility that the clot, or a piece of it, splits off and starts racing round the circulatory system.
His nervous system and his circulatory system were not harmed.
Rotating between hot and cold baths is recommended to stimulate the circulatory system.
Fortunately, the plant's circulatory system is visible from the outside.
His circulatory system fuses with hers, and all of his own organs-except for his reproductive system-shut down.
Unlike the closed circulatory system found in vertebrates, insects have an open system lacking arteries and veins.
Both are delivered to the muscles via blood, by the circulatory system.
They ride the flume of the circulatory system to the liver.
Oceans, in effect, mimic some functions of the human circulatory system.
And she's not through yet: she then reviews a semester's worth of science, including the ins and outs of the circulatory system.
Nor did he suffer from any previously undetected defect in his heart or circulatory system.
The system interacts with the blood's circulatory system to transport a watery clear fluid called lymph throughout the body.
It generally kills painlessly by producing drowsiness, coma and collapse of the circulatory system.
It is threaded through the circulatory system until it reaches the blocked area in the carotid artery.
Quitting smoking significantly lowers the risk of problems with the heart and circulatory system.
Supporters of the term-limitation schemes contend that they will introduce new blood into the legislative circulatory system.
From here, the fluid enters collection chambers and then flows out into the general blood circulatory system of the body.

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