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What are the effects on atmospheric circulation as sulfates are added to the atmosphere in irregular distribution patterns.
Do check the air circulation vents for your building.
Because of the low air pressure, the body overcompensates and speeds up its blood circulation.
Among the home's defects was poor circulation as a result of bedrooms that functioned as hallways.
On several levels, parts of the older structure have been demolished for a new circulation space.
After about one minute circulation effectively stops.
M1 is known as narrow money, and consists mainly of cash in circulation and current account deposits.
On the other hand, the body reduces heat-loss in cold surroundings by sweating less and reducing blood circulation to the skin.
More oxygen means more energy, better blood circulation and may even have caused certain nerve systems to respond quicker.
Open the bags to allow air circulation every few days.
The hand-held unit reads the chips and stores data that can be downloaded into the library's circulation system.
In convection heat is transferred through air or fluid circulation.
Subject to root rots and fungal diseases where drainage or air circulation is poor.
Nothing can replace libraries as places, even if they are no longer primarily based on the circulation of printed materials.
Although their circulation has declined, newspapers still reach large audiences.
What percentage of memory loss is caused by the bodies low water level, toxins in the body and poor circulation.
If you want to grow a variety that is susceptible, plant it in a sunny spot that gets plenty of air circulation.
The training sessions make clear that circulation of donor information beyond the volunteers is inappropriate.
Field mouse wine is said to be good for driving out wind, clearing up meridians, and improving blood circulation.
Indoors, set them near a sunny window and provide good air circulation.
Hashtags seem to really help the tweet get some circulation.
Place a baking rack into the bottom of the cooking box to promote heat circulation under the cooking vessel.
Use on posts or tall trellis in a location with full sun and good air circulation to prevent powdery mildew.
Open windows, weather permitting, to increase air circulation in your home.
Training in the heat can increase endurance and cause more efficient blood circulation.
Explores the circulation of courtly and non-courtly masques, including works by lesser-known writers.
Plant in full sun in a spot that gets good air circulation.
Studies of sonic culture lend themselves to contextualizing the production and circulation of digital audio.
Benefits of the condition include lowered heart rates and improved blood circulation.
We would expect there to be some impact on ocean circulation.
Put the second copy on closed-reserve at the college library circulation desk.
The high mountains altered air circulation and weather patterns, contributing to the drier and cooler climate.
These small particles go to blood circulation system and cause millions of deaths yearly globally.
The magazine rapidly expanded in both publishing frequency and circulation size.
The pruning improves air circulation, lessening the chance of fungal and bacterial mildews and rot.
Reaction to the series-an effort to boost circulation, which it did-ranged from amazed belief to incredulity.
He argues that climate changes caused by shifts in circulation of the atmosphere and oceans probably did in the dinosaurs.
The tips of their huge feet are protected from the sun's heat by their bodies and raised off the ground for better circulation.
On the one hand, some people think it looks good to show that you have your finished work in professional circulation.
Getting one's own material out and into circulation in a popular format will, with these systems, be extremely easy.
Each author must disclose if another party had the right to review the paper prior to its circulation.
Wear them with thin but comfortable socks that don't cut off your circulation.
Go the the circulation desk of the public state university's library.
Diagram of the arterial circulation at the base of the brain.
The channel of circulation, however, never appeared more empty than usual during any part of this period.
Such prices meant that the paper money in circulation was worth less than forty cents on the dollar.
They are necessary for the rapid circulation of ideas.
In large bodies the circulation of power must be less vigorous at the extremities.
Virtue which is dependent upon a sluggish circulation is not impressive.
As circulation to air, so is agitation and a plentiful degree of speculative license to political and moral sanity.
Ventilation outlets that facilitate air circulation is nil.
When estrogen starts to decrease, you lose receptors in blood vessels and thighs, so you have decreased circulation.
Another possibility is that human antibiotic use has promoted the circulation of resistance genes to other species.
Both events can be attributed to the same large-scale pattern of atmospheric circulation.
But packed in alongside lots of other good stuff is a pair of charts that deserves an even wider circulation.
By appealing to a wider audience, they were able to increase their circulation and hence their advertising revenue.
Crossed legs can prevent circulation and encourage blood to pool in the veins.
The clockwise circulation around the high-pressure area helps push the colder marine air farther inland.
These special, tight-fitting threads are intended to improve blood circulation and oxygen flow in key parts of the body.
It received widespread circulation, thanks to the growth of a relatively new technology, the printing press.
The circulation is driven by differences in density of sea water, which is controlled by temperature and salinity.
These abrupt changes are intimately linked to switches in ocean circulation, experts say.
Seidel's team tracked changes in five measures of the tropical-subtropical air circulation boundary.
Place the chopped up leaves inside the bin, leaving space for air circulation.
Next they target red blood cells, this time repeatedly, until there are billions of parasites in circulation.
Pull the fridge out from the wall a few inches to allow for air circulation.
Pollution sometimes turns waters anoxic today in regions that lack good circulation.
Many, battered by declining ad revenues and shrinking circulation, have closed up shop.

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