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In the years since, conflicting rumors had circulated about the objects.
Tales and photos of these enormous, fierce-looking fish are widely circulated-and sometimes dismissed as hoaxes.
Stereographs provided some of the first widely circulated pictures of important events.
During warm weather, heat is sucked out of the building and circulated underground to be cooled before returning to the building.
Placing a portable fan in the window to draw out old air helps keep air fresh and well-circulated.
The first round of readers returned the originals, which were then circulated among a new group that repeated the process.
When a lack of money began to make itself felt, he printed and circulated a paper coinage of his own.
He circulated the story in town with various embellishments.
They have, however, much more to offer than has yet been widely circulated.
Second, dominant groups have disproportionate control over the production and preservation of widely circulated stories.
The first, on whether to add the language that had circulated the previous evening, failed.
The relative percentage has been copied by the media and circulated all over the world.
For instance, the first photos that were circulated were admittedly faked.
Writing group is useless if the readers do not give the circulated work the attention it deserves.
The committee circulated a list of topics to be kept quiet.
It is often circulated much more widely than the article itself, so pay close attention to it.
Patients breathed into a machine that kept their exhalations at body temperature and circulated them over the sensing array.
There's no way of knowing at this stage how the backpack-wearing cells would fare as they circulated in the bloodstream.
Some of the forecasts that have been put out and then widely circulated have no foundation.
It heats quickly as the fire in the chamber is circulated rapidly as in a centrifuge.
The leaves decompose under the shrub and the nitrogen gets circulated.
Protons circulated around the ring, but there were no collisions, and there won't be until later this year.
It's not being circulated, because the circulating system is dead.
Galliano denies the charges, but a videotape made of the second incident was circulated online yesterday.
Tape recordings of these outtakes have circulated underground for years.
One hour later, an e-mail circulated ordering that all copies of the photographs be returned.
Let me respond three years after being maligned in a letter addressed to me but circulated without my knowledge.
Stories circulated of credulous visitors for whom illusion displaced reality.
Copies of these agendas were then circulated among the other people in the appropriate section.
Hubbard and the other officers circulated in the yard, calling prisoners by name, telling them to get down.
Blog postings and chain emails trying to discredit his work circulated through real estate industry networks.
Other widely circulated accounts are also inaccurate.
Consequently, the names of alternative candidates have to be circulated separately by those wishing to propose them.
But the main purpose of the event is to air precisely such difficulties and get their fixes circulated.
At that point some right- wing groups circulated homophobic flyers, but voters seemed not to care.
Jobs are created, money is generated and circulated, and this means the country as a whole has more power.
Politicians also had to be watchful once their words were circulated by telegraph.
This, too, needs to be covered with water that is circulated so as to keep things cool.
The outsides of the pipes are cooled by some of the coolant circulated by the engine.
During fasts, toxins are being circulated in the body in order for our organs to de-arm them.
The alderman circulated around the room briefly and then retreated to await results.
Details had already been circulated to journalists under embargo.
The rumors, fed by his wan and wasted appearance, had circulated for days.
Rumors that he'd be skipping the event had circulated for days.
Sealing duct air leaks, especially the return duct, can help prevent dust from being circulated throughout your house.
News stories circulated about symbolic incidents that occurred at the time of the bombing.

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