circle graph in a sentence

Example sentences for circle graph

The instructor describes the attributes of a circle graph and demonstrates how the sectors are determined.
These percentages will be used to create a circle graph.
Looking at the circle graph decide the percents that the different sections of the circle graph represent.
Launch-Tell students they are going to create a circle graph based on probability.
Create a circle graph using the colors of the jelly beans in a bag.
Label sections of the circle graph for each activity.
Depending on student needs, the color-cube method for constructing a circle graph may be helpful.
Use a spreadsheet to enter the number of students who chose each kind and make a circle graph of the data.
Draw conclusions and make predictions about data presented in a circle graph.
The circle graph below shows the favorite sport of sixth graders by percentages.
On the circle below, make a circle graph to illustrate the data in the table.
Determine whether a bar graph, line graph, circle graph or a stem-and-leaf plot is the best way to display the data.
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