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The failure of the code-breaking attempts has raised the suspicion that there may not be any cipher to crack.
Throughout history, there have been a number of code and cipher systems developed to protect important information.
But his absence from public discourse makes him a cipher.
He had a secret cipher of his own, though, a dove with an olive branch.
Some tiles need to be rotated in order to get the correct orientation to solve the cipher.
They'll be a mysterious cipher to you, and you will be one to them.
So if no one sees them come from the heavens, they can't be in the cipher.
And without any signs of anxiety to relate to, his role becomes a cipher.
It is the highest emblem in the cipher of the world.
They must first have the common school to teach them to read, write, and cipher.
The more complicated the cipher system, the harder it is for the enemy to decrypt your message.
The cipher disk allowed soldiers to encode signal flag messages.
Encrypting data converts it to an unintelligible form called cipher.
Decrypting cipher converts the data back to its original form called plaintext.

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