cinder block in a sentence

Example sentences for cinder block

Much of the housing is self-built cinder block, and the owners build them as the money becomes available.
Next door, a sagging chain-link fence surrounds a cinder block kindergarten.
Set a brick or cinder block in the bottom of the larger can and spread sawdust, straw or wood chips around it.
The reek of unwashed toilets spilled into the street in the neighborhood of unpainted cinder block houses.
One wood frame house was lifted off of a tied down cinder block foundation and destroyed.
Most buildings are cinder block construction with wood frame roofs.
Workers were setting structural steel and decking on top of cinder block walls.
Water can be removed from concrete or cinder block surfaces with a water-extraction vacuum.
Blue denotes concrete and cinder block construction.
Further, he found those injuries consistent with her head having been struck against a cinder block wall.
Most roofs will not support a collapsing brick or cinder block wall or chimney coming down.
It may also be used to strike directly on the door or to remove cinder block as well as many other building materials.
Cinder block and masonry block structures should not be used.
Grandpa was already down the cinder block steps and almost to the garage.
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