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Much of the housing is self-built cinder block, and the owners build them as the money becomes available.
Next door, a sagging chain-link fence surrounds a cinder block kindergarten.
The walls here are made of cinder blocks-good in hurricanes.
Walk past the gumball machine into a large room with a salmon-colored cinder-block wall.
See the actual cinder cone on top while enjoying gorgeous city views.
Question two is true if the mountains in question are volcanic in nature, especially cinder cones.
The ramp is enclosed by cinder-block walls, about three feet high.
My father happened to have one, resting on cinder blocks, in a forgotten corner of his lot.
Behind the team, a contraption is weighted with big cinder blocks which are pulled in hitches.
Earlier flows become covered with piles of cinders, called cinder cones, which form around these eruptions.
Set a brick or cinder block in the bottom of the larger can and spread sawdust, straw or wood chips around it.
One of his prisons here is now a hotel, its cinder blocks painted red and blue.
Many use their earnings to turn their adobe shelters into humble cinder-block casitas.
Shells from the air are tearing out chunks of concrete, punching holes through the cinder blocks as if it were paper.
The star fizzles into an inert cinder, and its atoms drift off, seemingly lost in the interstellar gloom.
The reek of unwashed toilets spilled into the street in the neighborhood of unpainted cinder block houses.
However radar images show no major changes in the ice cauldrons where the cinder cone is forming.
Take a naturalist-guided hike around the lake, and explore cinder cones and other volcanic features.
Cinder cones are cone-shaped volcanic hills made of loose cinders and other tephra.
Cinder cones are easily eroded so please stay on the established trails and don't take shortcuts.
Cleanup of the cinder bank poses unique problems because of its size, its make-up, and the fact that much of it is smoldering.
Lava flows and cinder canes have partly refilled a stream-cut valley.

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