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Example sentences for cinched

Each is cinched to the deck by four white nylon straps.
He wore cinched-waist, acid-washed jeans, had a mullet and kept cats.
My father cinched the rope, a noose around my waist, and lowered me into the darkness.
The bag was loosely cinched, allowing officers to look inside and see part of the body.
The set-up and crane to drive pilings and the cinched pilings.
Evidence showed that the wire rope sling was not cinched tight around the support members.
Appellant's clothing included a sweatshirt, the hood of which had been cinched and tied over her head.
Chain will be cinched tight around log and secured with shackle.
The net was towed through each stratum, cinched at the desired depth using a secondary line, and then retrieved.
The line had wrapped several times around the gosling's leg and had cinched so tightly that it cut off circulation to its foot.
He slipped on his life jacket and cinched it around him to hold the pads in place.
The proposed socket consisted of a two-part design cinched together with hose clamps.

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