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Example sentences for cicada

Scientists are still trying to crack this and other cicada mysteries.
Cicada-damaged twigs can be identified by a line of small slits on the underside.
Also, depending on the year, the well-known cicada hatch often happens for a brief period in late spring or early summer.
Usually they eat small insects, but sometimes you can see them catch a butterfly or a cicada.
The sounds include courtship calls, and squawking sounds when the cicada is handled or disturbed.
Occasionally large ground-nesting species such as cicada killers construct nests in dense aggregations.
Cicada casings stuck to its bark and my cousin laughed as he picked them off and chased me with them.
New insects such as beetles and cicada were evolving.

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The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole lurking behind it.... more
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