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Chili heaved and snorted and tried to maneuver his body in the tight-fitted, gated steel chute.
Animals in a chute that are packed tightly cannot be expected to turn around and exit, period.
But a few pilots and designers have been exploring ways to set down on solid ground without the aid of a chute.
The chute was deployed but catching about as much air as a garbage bag with the open end tied shut.
The gate of the chute tremors with noise as the bull restlessly wrenches left and right.
Of course, he wasn't the one who noticed the garbage chute.
Before you remember half your agenda, you are firmly ushered on your way, down the exit chute to start the process all over again.
Miller's chute caught on the temporary canopy that juts out on all sides of the ring.
Although the capsule entered the atmosphere on time, its drogue chute failed to open.
Development of nano technology is an off-chute of investigations in sub-atomic particles.
If the claw has a weak grip, try knocking objects sideways into the prize chute.
The sooner the chute collapses, the sooner the dragging stops.
The runner is in a chute, almost on rails, under conditions which put a relatively small premium on the use of judgment.
The engineers are still investigating the partial failure of the second chute.
Your comments are quite strong and hostile right out of the chute.
As the camera headed down and the chute unfurled, the chute's sudden breaking of the camera's fall triggered the shutter.
The fist-size rock caromed wildly off the chute's narrow walls.
We access the various parts of the animal's body through windows in the side of the chute.
The chute might drop a thousand feet only to strand us atop a cliff.
She held her dabbers poised while he plucked the ball from the chute.
The big red triple chute slide was then still under construction.
Officials paused the truck, and team members went out to back the vehicle into its own starting chute for a retry.
Four people were slightly injured sliding down an emergency chute.
Tense beneath her first saddle and confined to a narrow chute, the mustang lays back her ears indignantly.
Conway's car splinters as it hits the retaining fence in the short chute before the fourth turn.
Regardless of your age or comfort level, you will find the tubing chute right for you.
As required to provide domestic water to linen chute.
Chute widths usually will be less than watercourse widths due to the increased velocity.
The chute was attached to the crane and lifted into place.
The operator used a pry bar in an effort to loosen a rock jam in the intake chute, while the equipment was operating.

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