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Churning involves excessive trading in an account by a broker to generate fees.
People have changed the planet's climate, warming the atmosphere by churning out greenhouse gases.
There are more factories churning out batteries than cars or other devices to put them in, suggesting future failure.
The years of churning out food in mediocre catering and restaurant jobs.
Genome programs are churning out new sequences by the hundreds every week.
Given the production pressures of churning out weekly television, true quality is something of a miracle.
Most of these companies know they're luring in students, churning them, and burning them.
The churning magma was something akin to a giant agitating washing machine.
As you read this, mitochondria are busily churning away in every single cell in your body.
Both the driver and the footage itself survived despite the violently churning debris all around.
It's not the oil refineries, churning through crude.
Through it all, though, the sales of virtual platinum kept churning.
Precursors to terrestrial life's distinctive chemistry apparently abound in the churning clouds of dust and gas in distant space.
The technology is geared toward churning out a chain of the establishments.
Clinging to their boards, they gaze out at the churning ocean and wait for the perfect wave.
Instead, he spent his time churning out ideas for the development of a new sport.
Its coal fuels the power stations that keep that revolution churning.
Privately, he was churning through a bitter divorce.
However, churning out good music helps us get over the tongue twister.
It was a book-length metaphor for feelings that were churning within me.
There is a small industry churning out suggestions for how to remedy this.
Could it be possible that pharmaceutical companies are going to start churning out prescription psychedelics.
He strapped on his goggles and stood at his machine until the late afternoon, churning out components for power tools.
Surprisingly, this is a movie with a soft core, for all the lingering ironies of war and some churning scenes of violence.
The contagious aspect means that those affected would start churning out fear pheromone as well.
And the music industry is still churning out music that sounds the same in order to maximise profits.
Much work lies ahead, and many more gut churning headlines lie in our future.
Visit this windswept landscape now, when the ocean is churning but storms are rare.
Today's buttermilk is really fermented milk, different from the byproduct of butter-churning from olden days.
We roared across the bed and began churning up the other side.
The otters dive eagerly into the shallow water, churning twisting trajectories that trace their frantic underwater chases.
Redfield nailed down the rotary nature of a hurricane's eye wall, a churning cylinder of wind circling a calm center.
These hydrophones, as they're called, can pick up the sound of the roiling and churning waves caused by a hurricane.
One highlight is a simulation of the interior of the sun, showing its convection and churning magnetic field.
Seen from afar, the landscape looks perfectly smooth, but up close it is a churning cauldron of strange geometries.
That's good for display manufacturers: with all that room for improvement, they can keep churning out shiny new baubles.
But then that, really, is the story today-the return of stomach-churning volatility.
It requires cooking, chilling, and churning in an ice cream maker-and then chilling again.
The gatherings allow family and friends to spend time together while simultaneously churning out dozens upon dozens of tamales.
Once inside the military perimeter, surfers will have access to the rocky beach and its churning swells.
Events include ice cream churning, maple sugaring and pressing dried flowers.
Employers often complain that universities are churning out graduates who are largely unemployable.
But with the gloom and the rain swirling in sheets, the water was gray, churning.
Louie looked out over the churning water and thought how lovely it was.
His polite tone contradicts the palpable emotions churning underneath.
Thousands of stars are churning away in there, going through the process of being born.
Once the plasmid's in place, churning out its toxin and the antidote, the bacteria become addicted to it.
Tens of thousands of years flash by in a few seconds as the churning gas clouds begin to coalesce into a nascent fireball.
These are the cells responsible for churning out fresh neurons.
The wind and tides help by churning the water up and prevent the nutrients from collecting in certain patches.
Far away from visions of languid soups, these churning environments are the current best guess for the site of life's hatchery.
While this pilgrimage may be necessary to keep churning out cheap almonds, it also creates a melting pot of pathogens.
If his insides are churning, his delivery doesn't show it.
Press it and the you hear the sound of a mechanical motor churning.
The churning generates electric currents and, as a result, creates the planet's magnetic field.
Until winter's winds and water-churning cold break up the layer, fishermen have to travel much farther to find fish.
The lake's three greens know, and its darker churning, and its eyelet edge.
In the week ahead, make admirable headway without churning up or slinging any mud.
But what keeps the turmoil alive, night and day, is a churning street debate over inequities.
For decades, scholars have been churning out studies on the impact the economy has on presidential elections.
And though a storm is not a shark, the technical artistry plugs into a viewer's neurons to create a churning queasiness.
With more fat cells churning out leptin, earlier puberty would seem highly likely.
The culture appears to have lost its mojo, its churning energy.
It is a beautiful meeting of land and sea, with cliffs, rocky tongues and churning waters.
Churning schedules remain seasonally strong as cream supplies remain readily available from local and out of region sources.

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