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In college you learned to churn out a five-page paper in a few hours.
He needs machines to churn palm oil and chemicals into soap, stamp it into bars and package it in plastic.
Ocean currents govern the world's weather and churn a kaleidoscope of life.
Journalists unconstrained by research protocols churn out self-help books that focus on select variables that interest them.
It erodes data by taking advantage of the churn on global peer-to-peer file-sharing systems.
But the stability at the top of the table belies the churn further down.
Flocks of bee-eaters follow tractors as they churn up croplands.
It is little wonder that the racing, confused tidal surges in this area churn up deep water and bring it to the surface.
Forget the wooden barrel with the rock salt kind that your dad forced you to churn until you cried.
Workers are certainly not protected from the churn of global capitalism by non-unionized work.
They use high-pressure hoses, mounted on barges, to churn up the river bed.
One advantage of the one-minute limit is that you can churn through more songs faster.
Eventually, however, his frantic struggles churn the milk into butter-and he hops away.
Normally radiation emitted by the star would churn the elements in the star's atmosphere.
The turbines churn through marine life creating a dead zone where only a few crustaceans survive.
If all your genes did churn away, your body would become a hideous, useless jumble.
But much of this churn was because of people retiring: planned succession accounted for nearly four-fifths of changes.
Smaller rhino populations put females in top breeding condition to churn out calves.
The company claims that two minutes of churn yields six minutes of talk, and even more standby time.
At the current rate of ten structures every week, it would take nearly a century to churn out these data.
All these singers churn out shiny, radio-friendly pop.
Their sinuous bodies churn the water into a thick brown soup.
Once built, dams churn out electricity more cheaply than new gas-fired plants can manage.
Indeed, world leaders seem to be competing with one another to churn out ever more ambitious targets on global warming.
And few people understood that much of the churn in housing was mere flipping that would end when housing prices quit climbing.
Instead of renewing policies and avoiding a succession of upfront charges, they were encouraged by the agents to churn.
Having said this if you look at the propaganda they churn up each day in these countries.
Retroviruses work by adding their genes into the chromosomes of their hosts, which then merrily churn out bits of new viruses.
He/she wouldn't be able to churn out the papers needed to get the grants to survive.
They would move to coastal provinces, toil in factories and churn out the world's household goods.
Churn in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions.
The cells churn out proteins, among them vascular endothelial growth factor, that induce surrounding cells to form blood vessels.
When cold, pour into bowl of an ice cream machine and churn according to manufacturer's directions.
Here's hoping it doesn't take another decade for them to churn out a third effort.
Churn sorbet in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions.
Add berries and churn according to manufacturer's directions.
And artists seem to churn out much more than their peers in other disciplines.
Great vats of it that churn their sodden contents slowly around.
Hundreds of journals churn out learned articles on cutting-edge research.
Churn in an ice-cream maker following the manufacturer's instructions.
Psychological resentments toss and churn within his brain.
The constant churn makes it challenging to store and sift through the bits and pieces of information worth remembering.
As factories churn out low-cost products for the world's consumers, they have severely fouled the country's air and water.
Lots of interested parties would churn in the money tomorrow, if they could.
Thin cream is whipped by using a whip churn, as is heavy cream when diluted with one-half to two-thirds its bulk in milk.
Walking through the room full of hair still makes my stomach churn.
The rapids churn alongside until suddenly we're in the clear.
With their lengthened telomeres, the rejuvenated skin cells also continued to churn out high levels of youthful proteins.
Some stories take a lot longer to research and produce, others you can churn out in an hour or two.
His moods churn-they go in one direction and then in another direction.
Crunched on a computer, these models churn out a millisecond-by-millisecond simulation of a cardiac cell's activity.
For all you know, what you are happy with might churn other peoples stomachs.
If you have been waiting to churn and want this, tonight may be it.
So leaves constantly churn out chlorophyll all summer long and the leaves stay green.
The voice was clear and composed as he talked about the churn among his fellow hockey enforcers.
At the same time, customers churn and employees turn over more frequently.
Its factories will continue to churn out clothes, but they will increasingly shun simple items, such as polo shirts.
Yet for the past two and a half years of court protection it has continued to churn out steel, with virtually no restructuring.
The process of invention is an endless churn of activity that has little respect for the calendar.
The company has come up with a ruthlessly efficient way to churn out stories it knows will be profitable online.
National media attention, with its attendant voices of hysteria, only added to the churn.
Feeling depersonalized by celebrity and curious about life beyond the pool, she lacked the will to churn out laps.
Asylums shelter those who cannot cope, and pharmaceutical laboratories churn out anxiety-relieving drugs.
The availability of parking depends on the churn, the coming and going.
The churn is then fully submerged into the stream and filled to the lid with sample water.
The differences in application between the cone splitter and the churn splitter are noted in the article.
OK, you had to churn your milk and whatever, and you churn and you churn and you churn.
Lugworms churn marine sediments much as earthworms do in a garden.

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