chunky in a sentence

Example sentences for chunky

It's still early days for e-readers, and consumers can only choose between a few chunky-looking models.
The chunky cast equipment they is probably as tough as those ship's guns.
The majority of the patterns are chunky, as if to indicate that this is the set for steak, not salad.
With his little rat teeth and little rat claws and stinky rat tail and mangy rat hair and chunky rat belly.
The bike was fitted with chunky offroad rubber, but a stretch of mostly flat highway beckoned for a speed run.
If your sauce is chunky, either put it through a food mill or pulse it in a food processor fitted with the steel blade.
They are not illegal to sell or eat, but they taste bitter and can wreck the quality of chunky peanut butter.
At that point you can make this a smooth soup or purée only half of it, getting creamy richness along with some chunky texture.
If you're trying to eat less meat but miss chunky tomato sauce, you'll appreciate the finely diced carrots in this one.
The designers also introduced some new bags, including one in the shape of old-fashioned camera case on a chunky chain.
Most wrens are small, chunky birds with slightly curved bills and tails which are often tilted upwards.
Porcupines are slow movers with their chunky round bodies.
The body is chunky, with large fins and forked tail.
Place chunky peanut butter the size of a pea on the bait pan on the snap trap.
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