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Resident orcas, researchers found, eat chinook and chum salmon.
Throw out the names of other firms that would be overjoyed to hire your chum.
They hold their wings out, drop their feet into the water, and pick up pieces of the chum we've put out.
They caught blue fish, ate their sandwiches and ran a chum slick a mile long without raising a mako.
But you'll also catch guys fishing in the grey-green lake, using this morning's sausages for chum.
It perches over a small pool, then lunges with both paws and comes up with a plump three-foot chum salmon.
It's common for them to swim up to the stern of the boat, stick their heads out of the water, and look at the chum bag.
If a fisherman uses multiple hooks and lines, he is not allowed to use natural bait, such as chum.
Small streams are used by chum in the lower reaches, coho next, and cutthroat in the headwaters.

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