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Example sentences for chuckle

MY family loves to chuckle over a photograph of me sitting at a table, doing our taxes.
But it is also designed to get a chuckle out of anyone following this year's presidential race.
The disembodied mirth on the intercom is the control-room technicians having a chuckle over my brief discomfiture.
Laughter spreads through the room, and even a chuckle can be heard from the usually aloof king.
That's all the background you'll need to chuckle along with this report.
It is a kind of self-effacing chuckle that doesn't condescend, though his credentials would back that.
It gives me a little momentum and sometimes even a little chuckle.
Economists chuckle at these questions, in particular the second.
My acceptance of these allows me focus with a chuckle.
It makes me chuckle to think of what we've have to go through to replicate court tennis at our end of the world.
At this point, we'd usually chuckle and poke fun at a gadget so sharply focussed on one single job.
Even by today's wacky financial standards, your interlocutors would probably chuckle and show you the door.
We all chuckle at what a strange situation it is to be sharing drugs provided by the government.
So that chuckle probably cost a few hundred dollars in damage charges.
One can only chuckle and keep dreaming that one day the mice will be relieved of looking after the cheese.
If anything, they try to patronize white audiences to get a chuckle.
Present are five forms of evil that makes us smile, smirk or chuckle knowingly.
As well as the goofy photos in the print edition, that never fail to provide a chuckle.
They provide endless fun and will always give you a chuckle when you're tossing them into the toy box.
The names and descriptions of the recipes make me chuckle.
He hides a dry chuckle behind his large, strong hand.
The jurors turn to each other, breaking into a smile, even a chuckle.
She laughs a deep, full-bodied chuckle of the heh-heh-heh variety.
They chuckle at the thought that they are millionaires or even close.
Whether they give you pause or a chuckle, be sure to heed their advice.
Bob held the stage with his actor's baritone and theatrical chuckle, his eyes crinkled and sharply alert.
She'd turn from her book to take a look, then both begin to chuckle in sheer delight.
Generations of kids will imitate his sinister chuckle.
The old creature in the chair made a series of sounds-a chuckle, a swallowing, a wheeze.
Jennifer deigned to chuckle over this, and then turned off the burners on the stove.
Still, it was good for a chuckle, so thanks for that.
It's an understated laugh, really more of a long, drawn-out chuckle.
We had to chuckle over this little item, but then again, we're prone to chuckling.
It's an antic, chuckle-producing piece that couldn't be more serious about investigating the possibilities peculiar to dance.
We all had a friendly chuckle over it, and for fixing the typo he rewarded us with a bumper sticker.
As he talks there is a constant ironical chuckle which rises and falls in his throat.
He speaks slowly, almost with a drawl, and it seems as if he might chuckle at any moment.
We all chuckle quietly, beginning to bond over being thrown together into this extraordinary pressure cooker.
With that being said, the giant rats gave me a chuckle.
Phil invents these words to keep interest and generate a chuckle.
At the same time, it gives me an opportunity to chuckle about how bad many academics seem to be at making life choices.
Political cartoons offer not only a chuckle, but also opinions and commentary on political events or issues.
While his sense of humor is an acquired taste, he has been known to cause folks to reluctantly chuckle on occasion.
We get a chuckle out of it, and then forward it on to our friends.

Famous quotes containing the word chuckle

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