chronologically in a sentence

Example sentences for chronologically

The lists of poems, tales, and essays are arranged chronologically.
Each photographer is introduced chronologically with a room of his own.
Timeline chronologically displays a member's online activities.
My list of errors has six whoppers, in chronologically order.
Users can see pictures and updates about themselves chronologically.
So the show, arranged chronologically, begins with some flair.
The photographs are displayed chronologically, at the time they were taken, rather than when they were doctored.
They are arranged chronologically and their abstracts are included below the citation.
Alphabetically by subject, thereunder chronologically by date.
It follows state water law chronologically, beginning with the riparian doctrine.
Others are arranged chronologically, then by manifest number.
Chronologically-arranged records usually have a related alphabetical index.
Broadsides-arranged chronologically with undated items at the end of the section.
Arranged chronologically by year or span of years and alphabetically therein by name of correspondent or publishing firm.
The materials are arranged chronologically by subjects.
Each losing presidential candidate is listed chronologically by election year.
Letters are arranged chronologically and within each microfilmed volume there is a name and subject index.
Within types, arranged chronologically, except staff files are first arranged alphabetically by name of staff member.
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