chronological order in a sentence

Example sentences for chronological order

Complete each line of the expense report in chronological order and calculate each type of expense, if required.
Here, too, the list of positions held by the candidate should be in reverse chronological order.
The chronological order of for-profit and traditional doesn't seem to matter.
One may study them, in chronological order, as successive indications of a national point of view.
Remarkably, and perhaps without precedent, he has made those films in chronological order.
It's not organized as a blog, in reverse-chronological order.
Nor do the selections follow strict chronological order.
The works are arranged thematically in loosely chronological order.
Also they need to be arranged in reverse chronological order.
Links are, especially later in the process, more or less in the chronological order.
The on-board recordings from the mission are often garbled and out of chronological order, but exciting nonetheless.
Enjoy them all, in chronological order, in the video gallery above.
The entry is not presented in chronological order, and it is framed at the beginning and the end with views of the landscape.
These e-mail messages are in reverse chronological order.
Results ordered by one of the date parameters are in reverse chronological order.
Telling a story in strict chronological order turned out to be a fabulous discipline.
The items in the list below are not in chronological order.
Letter size arranged in chronological order by month.
Recount events of their lives in chronological order.
Place events of their lives and the lives of others in chronological order.
Place important life events in chronological order on a timeline.
New press releases are listed below in reverse chronological order.
News releases are listed in reverse chronological order.
The opinions, sorted by date issued, are listed in reverse chronological order.
Each phase of the selection process must be successfully completed in chronological order to continue through the process.
All opinions are listed online in reverse chronological order.
List the training, with the year of completion, in reverse chronological order.
They are compiled below not in chronological order but instead alphabetically by subject addressed.
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