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It can speed development of such courses, a task for which funds are in chronically short supply.
It turned out my iron levels, while always chronically low, had dipped to outright dangerous levels.
She's a therapist and professional organizer who works with chronically disorganized people.
About half of my department is similar in terms of being chronically disorganized and always late.
It seems trivial, but as somebody chronically single and childless, my two cats and my dog are my family.
My partner is chronically ill, and has been since my second year on the tenure track as well.
The fact is athletics operate in the red chronically, and do not return any money to the general fund.
They're underpaid, overworked, and chronically blamed.
There was also something about what might have been addiction, and that's a chronically ruinous thing.
Dad is chronically broke, a condition likely not unrelated to his stashing disorder.
Within four months, the congestive heart failure that had chronically ailed him would take his life.
As a result, many bio-repositories are chronically underfunded.
They juggle too many projects and are chronically late.
They are also chronically sick, making it harder for them to escape poverty.
Every physiology text book illustrates the consequence of chronically elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
Chronically high levels of inflammation may damage cells and possibly increase cancer risk.
There are no programs to help the chronically ill cope.
US government is not only polluting environment, it has chronically polluted mind of its citizens.
The chronically poor do not have access to the time or money to drive an hour for healthy food.
The one factor--and it's a big one--that the chronically worried never account for is the collective ingenuity of humans.
Tubes inside the lung become chronically inflamed, producing excess mucus.
Agonizingly slow and chronically unreliable, the cable went dead after three weeks.
Readers have been chronically puzzled by stock splits and how to factor them into a stock's historical price.
Weaver performed experiments with spring water on chronically ill soldiers.
He also needed two screws inserted into his chronically injured foot earlier this year.
But it's also because market professionals appear to be chronically overconfident.
At one point, she hired a sitter who turned out to be chronically late.
Sophie's father is one of four brothers who are chronically unemployed.
Most important, though the number of chronically sick in the city has risen sharply, medical services remain in tatters.
Jewels were something to hide behind as, chronically shy, she always wished to hide.
Her father became an alcoholic, addicted to prescriptive drugs, chronically adulterous and so violent that divorce was inevitable.
His government has made little progress in fixing the chronically deficient electricity system.
He presented his welfare reforms as salvation not punishment for the chronically unemployed.
Both countries are deaf to outside complaints and seem chronically unstable.
As a result, despite constant efforts to raise philanthropic funds abroad, the city is chronically short of money.
In places where the state is chronically weak, it is not improving much.
But emerging markets remain chronically vulnerable to sudden drop-offs in capital flows.
Unemployment was chronically high and unit-labour costs were above the euro-zone average.
Being ill, particularly being chronically ill, is expensive.
Those living on welfare are chronically faced with shortfalls in the necessities and have extensive reciprocity networks.
O'Hara was desperate for praise, but sullied his chances for a sympathetic reading by chronically overinflating his achievements.
Universal access to quality pre-and-post-natal care for mothers in chronically stressed, underserved communities.
She has special interest in the ethical issues surrounding the care of older adults and chronically ill adults.
The size and strength of these groups proves chronically difficult to estimate.
The osteopathic goal is to prevent disease by identifying structural problems before they become chronically disabling.
Children with such chronically high cortisol levels can suffer permanent damage.
Capsule review: a novel whose main character is chronically stoned should not be such a frenzy of energy.
However, when she gets chronically ill, will he leave her also.
One result of their pessimism was that the project was chronically underfunded.
The best treatment for cornea damage remains a transplant, but donor corneas are in chronically short supply.
The prospects for investment in infrastructure improvements, which have been chronically underfunded, also look bad.
Most products were in chronically, and sometimes catastrophically, short supply.
He was chronically weak with hunger, and he despised his fellow students.
The unemployed or underemployed lose such skills as they have acquired and become chronically superfluous to the economy.
Fortunately, chronically dry eyes can usually be treated.
It's no secret that sedentary behavior contributes to obesity and chronically poor health.
Families of chronically ill and disabled kids are intimately familiar with the gaps in our insurance system.
If these people are in high school, it's because they've been chronically held back.

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