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Newspapers will sometimes use both in the same article as if editors chose not to choose.
At the time, each state chose electors who cast two votes for president.
But he chose to go his own way and concentrate on raspberries.
She chose the placement of every tile, dish and lamp.
Given a long stick and a stone too big to fit down the tube, they chose the stick without hesitation.
If the responder chose not to pull the tray closer within a minute, the offer was considered rejected, and the game concluded.
But instead of choosing between tax cuts, wars and social spending, they chose all three-and left the bill for future generations.
The region's freshly minted republics chose to develop their own ports.
Perhaps because it was close to his beloved mathematics, the specialist field he chose was financial economics.
Have students write pretend letters to the people who live near the volcano or in the earthquake zone they chose above.
Have the students create riddles from descriptive words on the pictures of the animal they chose.
Focus the student conversation on the local environmental problem you chose.
In the description of the trip, students must give a list of things to see and do in the country they chose.
Have each group use their poster paper to create a web connecting the four or five organisms they chose.
Most people left when the park was founded, but some chose to stay and live out their lives here.
Our travel editors chose some of their favorite romantic destinations-and you supplied the photos.
Yet they chose to defend the country where they live.
The loud-mouthed comic chose a sunny-hued halter dress.
Individuals who picked their beers in private, however, chose what they enjoyed and said they were happy with their decision.
The subjects mostly chose white when a medium hued face was coupled with a business suit.
Then half took part in exercises where they chose values important to them, and they wrote about why these mattered.
Subjects were asked to choose the real photograph and, more often than not chose a face that is more attractive than their own.
In some cases, they chose to gamble even when the potential losses outweighed the potential gains.
When asked later which episode they would rather repeat, the participants paradoxically chose the longer one.
The psychologists chose to vary the font, because it is easy to manipulate in the lab.
Allow the monkeys to chose between three adjacent sound insulated rooms one with silence and the other two with monkey music.
When they were given a sick instead, the birds chose to use that to the same end.
So it my be the genes of the parent who chose of vinyl.
The peanut people caught it through the test results, but chose to ignore solving the problem and sent the product out anyway.
So she chose what is becoming an increasingly attractive option for frustrated transfer students: a private college.
She could spill the beans and let students know things were unstable, but she chose not too.
But if students chose to install such a tracking system on their phones to get cheap eats, it would not be creepy.
But the field they chose for the interview all but eliminated its value.
We found a significant overlap between the reasons why those students chose to take the course online and why they withdrew.
It urged its draftee readers to think about the message and then-if they so chose-to act on it in a lawful and nonviolent way.
We easily chose a shortlist of ten imaginative ideas.
But he was not so much the idealist that he chose to declare it untrue.
Disillusion with what the country of their birth had inflicted on their livelihoods, my parents eventually chose to emigrate.
Whoever chose to call received the same hearty greeting.
We chose twelve winners from among more than six hundred entries.
His writing was his and his alone, and his way of life was only what he chose to follow.
We chose a quiet dip between two hills, a spot where drivers were almost required to skid out of control.
Steve chose journalistic responsibility over personal feelings, and took one of his best pictures for the magazine.
But the researchers chose to put it at the core of their new interface.
Probably a little late to comment on this, but the parameters are likely the result of the game they chose.
They chose to go for short term gains over long term stability.
Also, the article notes that the research team ultimately chose laser machining as the basis for its fabrication process.
If they chose to buy the item, its cost was deducted from their pile of cash.
Scientists initially chose the mouse for sequencing because of its fundamental role in medical research over the past century.
But when he chose to charm, he was almost irresistible.
Those who chose and choose to stay outside the compact become outlaw.
But some of them had income that they chose not to report, and others lived with boyfriends whose presence they did not mention.
When he set to work on his new tragedy, he likely had it by heart-or as much of it as he chose to remember.
The scientists chose them as detectors precisely because light moves more slowly in water than it does in air.
We chose to determine mathematically the best that a system's performance could be.
He chose higher learning, but he found a way to keep on tinkering with tools.
Program settings allow users to chose how tightly they want images scanned.
Even the backgrounds of people who chose to study physics may differ from those who chose to study engineering.
There are so many models sitting around that how you chose models can be shaped by bias rather easily.
Once that was over, he needed a new crusade, and the anti-fracking crusade is the one he chose.
There's a whole door there and if you chose to open it, there's another movie.
The authors, he thinks, weighed the risk of discovery against the risk of a mission failure and chose the former.
Many health experts are a little peeved that the department chose to name ingredients rather than actual foods to reduce.
Before you click on the link above, see if you can guess which of the above folks chose which of the following books.
Chose from our list of services on the left side of this web page.
If you chose to receive an e-mail, you will receive it immediately.
Designers chose long vertical windows for the rooms because they let in more sunlight.
But he chose a drastic method of staving off wrinkles, a potbelly, the whims of a fickle public.

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