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Then group these chores in a reasonable fashion, according to the time you can make.
Don't blame your job, the traffic or your mindless chores.
But as someone else has said, these chores are part of what one owes to a profession if one has been reasonably successful.
He says the children have become keener on household chores.
And now there's a way to make the tiniest of brushes to do these chores.
For instance, robots may someday do chores around the house or inspect electrical equipment on airplanes.
Maybe they even would have worn boys' clothing to do farm chores.
It's an unremitting chain of chores that might lose you along the way.
Later she recalled telling someone else that it was a novel about chores.
And fears persist among some senior lawyers about sending even the simplest chores offshore.
Instead, they helped their parents with chores and played games such as marbles.
She loved children and nature but also had a taste for finery, and she chafed at doing humble household chores.
Free up time and mental space by farming out your chores.
And, between emergencies, there's often time to get the chores done.
We talked about bringing in part of our allowance and doing extra chores to earn money.
At his ashram all residents performed traditionally unclean chores.
If they exercise on their own, or if they do all their chores without being told, they can earn an hour.
They mean they wish they had someone who would do errands and chores.
AN easy way to cut minutes off meal preparation is to move back and forth between washing, chopping and cooking chores.
We sat and talked that night after the chores were done.
Most gardeners now don't have time for such tedious chores, or aren't willing to use so many chemicals.
They also have been found to complain more about household chores, their own income, even their own hobbies.
When the chores were done, she and her family went into town.
That's where the robotics comes in--to free human beings from such chores.
She could not climb the stairs to her bedroom without help, and even the lightest chores were taxing.
Similarly, an astronaut suffering cabin fever may exhibit performance problems while going about daily chores.
It could even do these chores at night when there isn't much traffic, so it could travel at slow speeds.
The school has no plans to increase its student population, or to cut back on farm chores.
Think about helping that soldier's caregiver with everyday chores, because he or she now has two full-time jobs instead of one.
We sat and talked that night, after the chores were done.
They find joy in everyday physical chores, and this likely plays a key role in the region's longevity.
Costumed re-enactors and artisans exhibit traditional methods of farming, crafting, and performing domestic chores.
Work to fit into the group by helping with chores, carrying loads, and doing other daily tasks.
Farming is relentless: it saddles you with endless chores, pins you in one place, and works you to the bone.
So you're sitting at the computer at home, looking for a little diversion from those chores you have to do.
Hubby absolved from task of going to post office by dint of other chores.
They do menial chores for me and my staff, all the while soaking up knowledge that should prove useful to them.
It's about time someone looked at thermoelectric coolers for heating and cooling chores.
But people go about their daily chores with grave faces and try to avoid talking to foreigners, or even smiling.
Look at what has happened to netbooks-those once-minimalist laptop computers for doing basic online chores while on the hoof.
And though all the items on that list of chores matter, all require a long slog.
He was adept rethinking and rebranding his chores as privilege to turn a profit.
He did his own and share in the household chores such as preparing food, sewing, repairing shoes.
They do not do chores, stay out too late and text on their phones at meals.
The farm offers an opportunity to participate or observe the many chores that make the farm run.
Relief that their children can help out with driving chores.
The whole family gets the opportunity to perform chores around the farm and learn about its workings.
Bring your camera to take pictures of period-costumed interpreters doing chores.
Ask for help with household chores and tasks, limit social engagements and eat well.
If you use your home as lodging, take a break from regular chores or even hire someone to do the housework.
The morning of a dive trip already will be hectic without adding these chores to the agenda.
Make sure to balance your chores with some rest so that you don't burn out or get sick.
Get lost in organization and chores that brighten the place with clean space.
Take on a project at home, handle domestic chores then watch a movie with popcorn.
Children see daily farm chores and barnyard animals at this living history museum and historic pioneer farm.
Plenty of daunting chores await the job hunter, from writing a knockout resume to acing an interview.
The house is dilapidated, and every day there are many chores.
She moves in with him without asking, doing all the chores a housewife would do.
She could conduct an entire day's chores in near-silence.
The astronauts are too busy with their scientific chores to bother with anything else.
For working parents, homework is the third shift, after the office and after cooking and cleanup chores.
Or perhaps they're planning to make homemade gift cards, the kind you can redeem for back rubs or a week's worth of chores.
Most kids were so busy with chores and travel that school was set aside during the journey.
Able to do all chores without slowness, difficulty or impairment.
Most were used for mopping floors or other household chores.
Do moisture-producing chores in the early morning or at night when it's cooler.
After finishing dinner, students return to their dorms and spend their downtime studying or doing chores.
The site was originally used to house indigents citizens who contributed chores to the ranch for a place to live.
After the evening chores were done, the family frequently played games and listened to the radio in the family room.

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