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Example sentences for choreography

If ballet is to have a future, it needs new choreography.
Dancers can also use the tablet's camera to record video of choreography as they notate.
It was an evening in which strong choreography was weakly danced and weak choreography was strongly danced.
Her choreography and costumes are slightly awkward and disconcerting but all the more mesmerizing for it.
It's awesome and a little cute to see the robots move together in sync to the music and the choreography.
Brown can be depended on for powerful, stylish modern dance choreography.
The game the runs the performance with two different sets of choreography depending on which you have selected.
Still and all, it's always a great thing when the choreography matches the lyrics.
These seemingly simple elements combine to produce an oddly elaborate piece of celestial choreography.
Our muscles in the mouth, tongue, and throat must all twitch in carefully timed choreography.
And you don't have to learn the elaborate bodily choreography involved, the way you might learn a complicated yoga position.
She helped pioneer the field of robotic choreography, where they try to make robots adopt more humanlike motions.
Somehow its strange choreography must indicate how it lives, hunts, and reproduces.
Once you get close to the counter, you have a spectacular view of cold-cuts choreography in action.
We need to catalog them and understand their choreography.
The outsize drama, the violent self-possession in the choreography, make you pause.
Still, my thought is that this sort of media choreography cannot survive for long.
There is only a single mirror and the choreography is complicated.
It also leads to some lovely fine-scale choreography when small groups are squeezed.
Insofar as it represents his own choreography, it is disappointing.
The eclectic mix of music is better than that of the original, and the loose, anything-can-happen choreography feels organic.
For every dance, he devises a certain number of key gestures, which he then weaves through the choreography.
The choreography is high-speed and relentless, the lighting designs dazzling, and the bodies sinuous and endlessly torqued.
Along the way, violence has dogged his steps, and his choreography was soon informed by horror over that.
So is his ensemble choreography, which combines clarity with an almost showy complexity.
The editing is usually so choppy that you can't see the choreography, if there is any.
Also, the soccer pitch is vaster than the gridiron or the diamond, and the choreography of the game demands the widest of angles.
Her knee gave out during the choreography, and she underwent arthroscopic surgery.
The harmonies are spot-on, and the choreography's pretty good.
But invigorating dance music does not necessarily inspire compelling choreography.
It had rhythm, great technique, great choreography.
The show's apparently minimal budget, erratic choreography and abysmal sound quality made the experience all the more charming.
The description conveys the physical scene, aspects of the choreography, and the thoughts and feelings of the characters.
Also, skills in choreography or dancing are sometimes useful for musicians.
Her background in modern dance and choreography informs her current arts practice and influences the work she produces.
Adding to this complex choreography are the hundreds of thousands of individuals who drive vehicles on airport grounds.
She might have been addressing the beauties of her own choreography.
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