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Yet taxpayers are still required to perform the anachronistic chore of preparing a return from scratch.
Teaching them, it seemed, was a chore to be suffered until you could return to your writing.
Consider the daily chore of taking the right pills at the right time.
Yet they are durable and flexible enough to perform any brushing chore.
Some people will take to that chore as if they were born to it.
Little wonder people have begun coming up with tools which promise to make this less of a chore.
Thus, inventory management quickly becomes an annoying, frustrating chore.
Most people have a chore that they cannot bring themselves to do.
Still, watching for inappropriate posts was a round-the-clock chore.
We try to brush her nightly but even with soft music and candles it's a chore.
It's a chore to stand up and crane your neck whenever you want to see what's going.
Cluttered online account manager makes accessing billing info a chore.
For it is naturally a chore to pay sustained attention to foregone conclusions.
But carving each face by hand was a tedious chore for which he no longer had the time or resources.
Although none of the puzzles are particularly difficult, some of the mathematical memorization can be a chore.
Usually, hired hands, relatives or neighbors take over the chore.
But while it's easy to find more levels, getting exactly what you want can be a chore.
The chore of teaching doctors how to practice medicine has been handed to the pharmaceutical industry.
Cramped keys and sub-par predictive text make typing a chore.
Yet with all of this an important chore sometimes is forgotten: spring feeding.
Until you become familiar with the commands, keeping track of them all can be a bit of a chore.
There are times when seeing three performances of the same four one-act ballets in two days might be a chore.
It outsourced that chore to value-added resellers and systems integrators.
Now, gaining access to personal files is a chore for people who own an arsenal of computers, smartphones and tablets.
But everything that takes place after the click is a chore, and requires activation energy.
It does a fabulous job on the daily chore of sweeping or vacuuming.
He knew war only as a toilsome chore, not as a field of heroic deeds.
Vacuuming should be the last cleaning chore you do because the floor is the lowest point in the house.
The following services are examples of chore services.

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So we may never Again feel fully confident of the stratagem that bore us And lived on a certain time after that. And it ... more
[Liberty] is a chore ... and a long-distance race, quite solitary, quite exhausting.... more
Every time a child organizes and completes a chore, spends some time alone without feeling lonely, loses he... more
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