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The ivory is primarily in the form of carved curios, such as chopsticks, targeted toward foreigners.
If your terrarium has a small opening, use chopsticks to position your plants.
Transfer the opened clams with a pair of chopsticks or tongs to a warm serving platter and keep warm.
We had to be really careful working with it, but our chopsticks came out great.
Then stir vigorously- preferably with chopsticks, which prevents the rice turning mushy-and serve into two bowls.
But he can pour milk now, eat soup with a spoon and manipulate chopsticks.
It occurred to him that perhaps the nuclear plant's maintenance staff could replace their plumber's helper with chopsticks.
When you tried to pick them up with your chopsticks, they wriggled up them nearly to your knuckle.
The tiny green peas in the bowl-easy to drop with chopsticks-are so robust they bounce.
According to her, these bowls were designed for chopsticks, not silverware.
He ate eggs with a spoon because his host forgot the chopsticks.
Don't flinch if your host uses his chopsticks to serve you from a common bowl.
We wonder if they know how to tie their shoes or eat with a knife and fork, never mind chopsticks.
His private train is reportedly stocked with live lobsters served with silver chopsticks.
Grab a set of chopsticks and dig in to the local cuisine.
Forks and spoons will pick up more sauces and oils than chopsticks do, allowing you to ingest more of these materials.
And renewable wooden chopsticks were suspected of carrying disease.
He had already picked up the tail end of the shrimp with his chopsticks and bitten into it.
If you use a fork instead of chopsticks, stir lightly.
What it means is that you need to know how to use chopsticks because you won't find a fork on your table.
One may use a fork for this process, but chopsticks are recommended for more fun.
At the crematorium, the relatives remove certain bones out of the ashes and transfer them to the urn using chopsticks.
Do not make noise with the chopsticks or hand someone a toothpick.

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