chopstick in a sentence

Example sentences for chopstick

Remove visible bubbles from the jar with a plastic knife, chopstick or other nonmetallic instrument.
She was often hungry, unable to earn enough at her jobs, first in a chopstick factory and then selling fruit on the street.
But foreigners will be forgiven for clumsy dining etiquette and offered a knife and fork if their chopstick prowess is lacking.
He currently favors a modular design, in which rectangular plastic lenses snap into chopstick-straight temples of various colors.
Learning to use a chopstick and using it with your takeout meals can be beneficial to your health.
Using a chopstick or a skewer, this is where you're going to start adding to the wreath.
It also requires sitting on the floor for hours and decent chopstick skills.
Test for doneness by poking a chopstick or sharp knife through the thickest part of the fish.
The dumplings have piping-hot soup inside, so let them cool before testing your chopstick skills.
Betty, hardly the average chopstick-thin aspiring fashion editor, has not been one to fade into the background.
Glue the two suns together leaving an unglued sleeve at the bottom that is large enough to insert half the length of a chopstick.
Steam sweet potato until you are able to stick a chopstick through it.
Children will each receive their own pair of chopstick and try using them to eat fried rice.
Comparing an earthquake to the breaking of a chopstick.
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