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The extraordinary effort, he says, was triggered by a music teacher who suggested that he didn't have the chops for it.
These eight ribs are cut into chops and are known as rib chops.
On the edges of a sheep farm, a coyote lurks, licking his chops.
Barbecued pork sausage is the specialty here, though you'll find chops and brisket as well.
In their system, there is no reason a ne'er-do-well with some hacking chops couldn't get themselves hired into this company.
Leftover marmalade is also terrific on pork chops and roast beef.
Leftover marmalade is terrific on pork chops and roast beef.
He's got chops, you might say, and many admirers among his colleagues on the federal bench.
And he also has the governing chops to take on the chief executive.
Readers with serious public-health chops, this is your time to shine.
It stretches to full width, and chops off top and bottom so you get full screen and no distortion.
She has the chops to do character roles, and this was definitely a character role for her.
While gaming chops are basically nonexistent, general app performance is on par with machines that cost twice as much.
Annotation and reference chops are pretty standard on e-readers, but they're worth exploring nevertheless.
Steak and seafood options include veal chops and seared jumbo sea scallops.
And if the chef doesn't use sea salt, back go the chops.
Dinners come with two sides and include comfort food such as country-fried steak, pork chops and hot roast beef.
Serve this low-fuss main dish topped with a dollop of sour cream and guacamole and a side of crunchy tortilla chops.
Pork chops have long been thought to be especially nourishing.
Bosses may be an overbearing breed, but more often than not, you've got to admire their business chops.
It's not that they didn't have the creative chops for the job.
To show off its telecom engineering chops and showcase next-generation web-applications.
Despite the collection of comedic chops on stage, the spoof isn't trying to be funny.
If cooking on an indoor grill you may need to tent the chops with aluminum foil while cooking.
Chops, from each shoulder, shall be placed into one flexible package container and vacuum packaged.
Some chops will end up as several smaller pieces as you trim away all white tissue.
Remove pork from the brine, discard the brine, and grill chops to your liking.

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