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In several countries, feed-in tariffs that subsidize renewable energy are on the chopping block.
Rather than protecting these hallmarks of government investment, they're first on the chopping block.
Well, a personal choice for everyone except that poor little sucker lying on the chopping block.
Recessions tend to temper ambitions, and it appears that even inaugural ceremonies may be on the chopping block at some colleges.
Federal financial aid for the nation's neediest students may be on the chopping block.
Language programs, in particular, are on the chopping block for lack of students.
If library services can be cut, you can bet we'll be on the chopping block.
Four coaches of the swim program are among those on the chopping block.
The same is true for the interest-rate subsidy for graduate students, also on the chopping block.
Tenured and tenure-track faculty jobs are not on the chopping block.
Likely many courses and programs are being considered for the chopping block.
Warren's face was a chopping block, and his long arms hung heavy.
In fact, it's usually the first with its head on the chopping block.
Perhaps this model is already on the chopping block or has been completely shot down.
The choice then becomes approve it, because it doesn't cause much harm anyway, or stand one's ground and face the chopping block.
Seven fire companies and several city swimming pools are on the chopping block.
Heaven's, to do so is to put political necks on the chopping block.
The only question left is, who will be next on the chopping block.
First on the chopping block, according to its forthcoming blueprint for defense cuts: counterinsurgency.
Likewise, federal budget cuts could put the program on the chopping block.
Now you're all set to cook meals for the rest of your life on two square feet of counter space, plus a chopping block.
These are investments-not expenses that must face the chopping block each year when budgets get tough.
It doesn't help that the economy stinks and the government is putting welfare up on the chopping block.
It's a ritual taking on urgency this year with so many heritage initiatives on the budget chopping block.
Jobs that protect our families and our communities shouldn't be the first on the chopping block.
But putting these programs on the chopping block to appease those obstructing a debt ceiling extension is unacceptable.

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