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But the transition from tree-chopper to tree-hugger is not happening fast enough.
The blast broke his bedroom window and strewed blackened bits of the chopper over a nearby wheat field.
Then, one stormy winter evening, a chopper nearly missed the top of the building because of the wind gusts.
Doing their own stunt work, the two actors could have lost their lives when the chopper snagged one of its skids in the bridge.
He owns an interest in the chopper and gets reimbursed when he uses it for business.
Depending on their status, vacation club members get airport transfers via chopper, stretch limo or a dedicated shuttle.
Fire away to hitch a ride, then hijack the chopper in mid-air.
The chopper has double blades, a gyroscope and a rechargeable battery.
Also, if the chopper or plan is moving at a high rate of speed the shots could be blurry.

Famous quotes containing the word chopper

When the chopper would praise a pine, he will commonly tell you that the one he cut was so big that a yoke ... more
It is as when a migrating army of mice girdles a forest of pines. The chopper fells trees from the same mot... more
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