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Although termites have a reputation for being indiscriminate eaters, they can in fact be quite choosy.
Some larger predators have also been shown to be choosy about what they eat.
It's choosy: not happy to see us in crowds, sickened by our struggle for any old advantage and the drone of business dealings.
Read the menu carefully and be choosy about what you order.
Gottlieb includes herself among those who have made the error of being too choosy.
In the dark abyss of the ocean, animals cannot afford to be choosy.
Heat would not be choosy that way about the molecules it cracks.
But even among this single group, there is great diversity and until now, it was mostly credited to choosy females.
So it can pay for them to be choosy about which males they mate with.
And in hunter gatherer groups potential mates were not so plentiful that you could afford to be too choosy.
Many toddlers are notoriously choosy about their foods and reticent to try new things.
Students are in demand again and becoming increasingly choosy.
Now it could be that regular reviewers tend to get more choosy about handing out five stars.
So, if males are being choosy at all, they should probably choose large females.
Expect to see more of that as record labels become more choosy.
For the moment, these firms can afford to be choosy.
Without migrants, the greying and increasingly choosy populations in much of the rich world would already be on the decline today.
As consumers become more choosy, the market is fragmenting into a bewildering array of niches.
They could afford to be choosy if they weren't paying rock bottom, and performance pay measure could then be introduced.
We've really had to be choosy and not do that for every magazine.
Athletes are choosy about how they are taped and about who tapes them.
Teachers and caregivers can help children overcome their choosy eating by allowing them to explore and taste new foods.
In winter bald eagles may be seen, while golden eagles are less choosy and have been spotted year round.
Ticks are not particularly choosy about their hosts.
Africanized honeybees are not choosy about where they settle.
They're choosy about which ideas or inventions they pursue.
It's the females who are the choosy ones, and surprisingly for many males, the dramatic song and dance appears to be in vain.
For taxpayers, it pays to be choosy about disclosing personal and financial information.
Some cats may have no preference, while others are surprisingly choosy.
Others may be less choosy or have less control over where they settle.
However, others are more choosy or specialized and may only be found on the few remaining remnants of native prairie.

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