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How they choose to do it is less interesting, in the end, than why they were driven to do it in the first place.
The narrator tells him they don't name their pumpkins, and tells him to choose a bigger one.
There's not much to choose from on the menu, but plenty of information.
And it is bad news that he felt pushed by the constant threat of prison at home to choose between silence and exile.
Consumers-particularly older ones-were less sophisticated and less restless, and had fewer brands to choose from.
It was probably never in doubt whom they would choose.
The only ones more successful were those who got to choose their own clothes.
When price is no object, professors might as well choose the fanciest textbook around.
They say you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your relatives.
All that was needed to choose among them was a chunk or two of the object in question.
As sophomores, students may also choose fraternities or sororities.
When an axon reaches the correct part of the brain, it needs to choose among the many neurons there.
To reproduce a particular species, the researchers had only to choose the correct curve and expansion rate.
Second, neurons can choose which other neurons to talk to by rearranging their own synaptic connections.
The fate they choose depends on when they leave the cycle.
Today anesthesiologists have a number of drugs to choose from, as well as machines to administer them safely.
And a third group could choose between rewards, punishment or inaction.
When sunlight streams from above, they choose the see-through option.
And even there, if it was a question of whether they would have a healthy grandchild, they might choose a healthy grandchild.
Yet there is no widely accepted explanation of how a particle happens to choose a single state when it is disturbed.
There is a selection among endings among which you must choose.
There are two compelling reasons why tamarins are so perverse as to choose polyandry.
In some studies, chimps choose to help their peers retrieve out-of-reach objects rather than doing nothing.
Currently, physicians may choose to aggressively treat both infection and inflammation to slow the progression of lung disease.
Users have control over what data is captured and get to choose with whom it is shared.
It's still early days for e-readers, and consumers can only choose between a few chunky-looking models.
When viewing them on the camera, a user taps on the device's touch screen to choose the object or area that should be in focus.
Consumers choose a channel via a software interface on their desktop that resembles a remote control.
The software allows architects to choose from a series of three-dimensional shapes.
The biggest difference is how the companies choose to control the temperature of the packs.
Another bride might choose to honor a birth father and stepfather by having both walk her down the aisle.
If you choose to bake only one cookie from this collection, make it these bites.
However you choose to use this easy compote, your guests will be wowed by its elegant form and haunting flavor.
Choose a deep covered skillet large enough to contain all the rabbit pieces in a single layer.
They also say to choose eggplants that are dense and heavy for their size to make sure it's not bitter.
In essence, it is the cheese to choose when you want to taste your burger.
The trouble is not finding good spots but simply trying to decide which ones to choose.
Choose dishes that involve the intimacy of sharing: fondue, or a porterhouse steak for two.
From here, you customize your scent with an array of top notes, which you choose based on your mood that day.
Hipsters may not bathe, but if they choose to swim, they now have the right apparel.
And in the same way, you choose between coercion and disaster.
You're probably not in the mood to travel overseas much, but choose something that takes you around the country.
If you choose not to partake of the benefits of needle and knife, you are judged to be making a statement.
Choose a change that you can make today, and move toward a healthier you.
Choose and prepare foods without high fat sauces or gravies.
Compare sodium in foods and choose those with a lower number.
When you choose to eat right and stay physically active, you choose a healthy lifestyle.
Use the search tool to help you choose the repellent product that is right for you.
As long as scholars don't confront the top leadership head-on, they can write in scholarly journals pretty much as they choose.
When buying celery, choose tight bundles with fresh leaves.
The biggest challenge is going through the stacks of enormous sample books to choose the wall covering that's right for you.

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