cholla in a sentence

Example sentences for cholla

But its first trials are being held here on a desert track that runs amid the cholla cactus and the rattlesnakes.
Teddy bear cholla, so named for its fuzzy appearance from a profusion of thorns, perched on the edge of rocky ledges.
Pack rats will also fortify their dens with menacing pieces of spiny cholla cactus to fend off coyotes and other malefactors.
Historically cholla was considered a famine food, eaten only when food was especially scarce.
Be especially careful near cholla cactus, which with the slightest touch, can become embedded in your skin.
Another example of commensalism is the relationship between the cactus wren and cholla cacti.
Pinyon pine joins a veritable cactus garden of barrel, cholla and prickly pear varieties.
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