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But nobody ever thought to stop us or suggest that it was perhaps unwise to be scampering through choking clouds of insecticide.
His life was choking him, and he hadn't the courage to break with it.
He was crying, he felt choking, his tears were streaming.
But it's probably not worth that panicked fight-or-flight reaction that's choking your ability to get anything done.
She wasn't choking during the interviews or she would not have advanced to the finalist stage.
Everyone east of them has been choking on their airborne filth for generations.
The only kind of bed he has ever slept in without ending up prone and choking was a hospital bed.
Take the case of sports, where regression to the mean is often mistaken for choking or slumping.
In the small room, the sound was intense and reverberating, at times almost choking.
But the seeds turn into career-choking vines much faster now.
The invertebrates are choking fishing nets and poisoning the catch with their toxic stingers, fishers say.
The increased growth of woody vines could dramatically alter future forests-for instance, by choking new tree growth.
Algal blooms are devouring the river's oxygen, choking native vegetation and causing health problems for people and animals.
It grows rapidly after a wildfire, choking out native plants.
We'll need to find new sources of energy to power our lives without choking our air.
Quarrymen labored in an unregulated world of torchlight, choking dust, and crushing accidents.
When the blender makes a choking sound and the mixture turns white, you have successfully made an organic night cream.
Besides, they say, sediment is slowly choking the reservoir.
But the plant spreads quickly, often choking out native wildlife.
She pulls ahead of me till she's choking and then cries because she can't go faster or farther.
The choking crush of reality grew almost unbearable.
Annual toy warning reminds shoppers of choking hazard.
Sufferers often report thinking that they might be dying, choking or going crazy.
Another received similar articles pertaining to choking.
Patients ultimately die of heart failure, pneumonia or choking triggered by the disorder.
They could also pose a choking risk to children and the choke prone.
Actually it is still choking large parts of the area.
Choking off demand for rail travel is directly contrary to the aims of the government's ten-year transport plan.
Regulators can do little to stop this, short of choking off capital going to new technology.
Tainted products and choking pollution spark anxiety across the globe.
Eventually, fluid leaks out of lung capillaries, choking life-giving air sacs around them.
Occasionally she felt as if she were choking when she swallowed.
Choking on a foreign object could also obstruct the airway.
The clips used to attach the drumsticks to the side of the drum can snap off and pose a choking hazard to children.
By then his throat was swelling rapidly, he was choking for breath.
With choking, the airway is partly or completely blocked.

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