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Wiggle sticks or arm movement would completely make me choke.
As you know, one never gives chicken bones to a dog because they splinter and will choke the animal.
It won't choke other crops, but it will definitely be a presence.
Small, almost imperceptible changes in the terrain were forcing the battalion's vehicles into natural choke points.
Choke is not a pretty word in the idiom of professional sports.
Finally, he starts to choke up, and gestures to the camera to stop shooting.
When illegal ones are planned, police detain opposition leaders, choke off roads and turn cars away from rallying points.
The condition is not uncommon in the breed and using a choke collar is a no no.
But more often a gull will choke the scraps down mid-flight.
They could also pose a choking risk to children and the choke prone.
People choke all the time, but they're not necessarily really choking.
It will choke off exports, on which the economy continues to depend heavily.
Even if the military only dredges part of it, or a nearby reef, the silt will settle on the coral and choke out sunlight.
At favored frequencies, licensed users and regulations choke off the electromagnetic spectrum.
But that creates choke points while running up fuel bills.
There's no slow peer connection to choke your downloads.
If lower yields stimulate the economy, higher yields will choke the economy.
And the occasional network lag made my mail program choke.
All this will allow excellence to flourish but choke those in the middle.
But the solution is to improve the indigenous workforce's skills, not to choke the arrival of those who already have them.
For those governments that lose the race the resulting fiscal tightening could choke off the nascent recovery.
If there is no long-term trade-off, low inflation does not permanently choke growth.
Although some supply chains have choke points, that is a weak general argument for sectoral aid.
Another reason for caution is that firms on a cash crusade can all too easily choke off investment in promising new products.
How not to choke when riding through ice-cold water.
But officials there are increasingly worried that a rising yen will choke it off.
The deficit also threatens to choke private investment by pushing up the cost of credit when demand for it surges.
One can only swallow her own tongue for so long before she begins to choke on it.
They try to nudge them up gently so as not to choke off demand.
Traffic fatalities are on the rise, and air pollution threatens to choke remaining pockets of green space.
Otherwise, older, slower machines will choke on your animation.
But they also choke wildlife, create litter and overload dumps for generations to come.
Once science's main conduit, the paper has become its choke point.
It won't completely choke itself off, but other things are much more important.
The current choke point in the development of space is the high cost to and from orbit.
The economy, deprived of cheap money, has begun to choke.
Sorry, but you don't choke off federal spending in the midst of a major recession.
The fear is often expressed that this will choke off the bank lending to business.
To choke off supplies, you need to find a way to eliminate demands.
The world financial market will immediately choke and suffer a bigger loss than last financial crisis.
He told us to stress the plant by tying garden string around several of the branches to choke them.
But sometimes all that studying is for naught when a test or a big performance rolls around and you choke.
Even when uneven illumination doesn't choke off all the power, it worsens the electrical mismatches.
South, south which is a wind is not rain, does silence choke speech or does it not.
All they have to do is ease their choke hold on their intellectual property.
Ultrasound uncovers a lethal choke hold on the heart.
The hagfish releases a quick-setting slime that clogs up the predator's gills, causing it to gag, choke and flee.
Without effective predators, nonnative species can overrun their environment and choke off other forms of life.
It would take only a tiny one to choke off the vessel completely.
If not for the honest people, you would choke on your own lies.
And muffling this, uh, jet stream can't be done by conventional methods of baffling the flow since it will choke off the exit.
Lush tamarisk, willows, and reeds line-and in spots choke-the channel.
If you use a choke or a pronged collar, you can use that as a tool.
So it's a restraint that isn't so strict that it should choke the nation in a time of duress.
But premature fiscal tightening is worse because it is liable to choke off the recovery prematurely.
He tried to steady himself, take a deep breath, find some way to choke back the tears.
It happened so quickly that it's tough to call it a choke, but the linked video is quite entertaining.
Choke is a term that often is used too loosely in sports.
If using the heart only, pull away all of the leaves and then scoop out the choke.
The choke point is the availability of automotive-grade batteries.
Scrappy politics did not choke rapid economic growth, as the bureaucrats kept a steady hand on day-to-day management.
If you chew on something your aren't supposed to, you can choke on anything.
Before hammer forging, choke boring required that the entire barrel be made to the choke diameter.

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How damned ridiculous it all is! The long generations toiling—skimping, lashing themselves screwing higher and higher ... more
Man is no starre, but a quick coal Of mortall fire: Who blows it not, nor doth controll A faint desire, Lets his own ash... more
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