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There may be a benediction, and a choir may dutifully sing.
Each participant was, in effect, preaching to his own choir.
In some ways, photography doesn't do a whole lot other than sing to the choir.
As a college student, my eyes would often well up with tears during my twice-a-week choir rehearsals.
Only the northwest staircase and the choir section remained standing.
To use a mocking metaphor, they're only preaching to the choir.
They often also have social events where they discuss church choir things.
The walls of their little church hall are decorated with pictures of generation upon generation of their local choir.
What's more difficult is modulating one's writing and other communications to really reach beyond that choir.
You've convinced me, but then that's preaching to the choir.
Professional parents shuttle their kids from choir practice to baseball camp and check that they are doing their homework.
Nobody ever got fired for hiring preachers for the choir.
It is particularly strong in music, with chamber and symphony orchestras, a jazz band and an excellent choir.
Even the two organs in the choir loft are decorated, with angels playing instruments.
For me it was preaching to the choir, but that is occasionally good for the soul.
Preaching to the choir is not a notably brave thing to do.
Planned and orchestrated from the beginning and then given gleeful voice by the choir of the uninformed.
It also features the inevitable whispering choir whose volume rises in the chorus and gets punctuated by a cymbal clap.
The auditorium, band room and choir room are off limits because they have been condemned.
He considered dropping out at one point, until a choir teacher heard him singing in the hall.
There's something really special about the way a choir sounds with a band.
The choir similarly explored the extremes of dynamic expression in its singing of spirituals.

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