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For a formal hedge to be clipped into a geometric shape, look first to the choices in our section on formal hedges.
Making smart food choices doesn't have to mean doing away with your favorites.
Both sweet and sour cherries are appealing choices for the home garden.
Perennials and bulbs offer still more colorful, interesting choices.
Some brands even include many choices: enriched and unenriched, nonfat, and low-fat.
Selection varies from market to market, but choices are usually interchangeable in recipes, so have fun exploring options.
These fish are great choices from a sustainability point of view because they eat mostly grain, not other fish.
Three prominent additions give spring visitors new choices.
The best choices for hanging baskets have short-stemmed blossoms and a cascading habit.
Use your garden to inspire tableware and decorating choices.
And they have remote controls that let you pick the color from eight choices.
There are some surprising choices in the initial lists.
Though it makes choices in largely random fashion, the computer is surprisingly adept at editing together a pretty good movie.
If you are a hardcore coffee connoisseur, you might find the pod choices too limiting.
At this point, his life splits into two parallel timelines, each one following the outcomes of the two choices.
Green transportation choices provide you with the keys to the kingdom as you travel.
Record the students' responses and have them give reasons for their choices.
Others argue that kids need to learn how to make their own choices.
Note that some of the events are natural, while others result from human choices.
Those lines and colors, so clear and confident on the final product, reflect a host of difficult choices and compromises.
The companies should determine which buildings they are going to build the first year and provide valid reasons for their choices.
As all three invasions demonstrated, space and environment form a context within which people make choices.
With or without a car, green up your garage and transportation choices with our interactive guide.
We are influenced in such lifestyle choices by people we've never met-friends of friends up to three degrees of separation away.
See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home or in travel choices could do tons to protect the atmosphere.
After describing each of the career choices and grouping the tasks, ask students which career appeals to each of them.
Students should be prepared to provide convincing arguments for their choices.
Lane notes that many websites identify eco-friendly choices.
Be sure to discuss the choices in deciding if nearby streams actually flow to the same point.
Unlike older, mirrored window film, new choices range from nearly invisible to colorful.
Learn about the impact your seafood choices make on your health and the ocean in this interactive guide.
Making decisions about which technologies to acquire requires wise choices, with little room for error.
With family income shrinking, and tax revenues dwindling, choices had to be made.
College and university presidents are increasingly called upon to make informed choices about technology.
Granted, one reason this is quick and easy is that some of the choices are so bewildering you can skip them.
Not great choices for any of the students profiled in your story.
Life does not always present the neatest of moral or intellectual choices.
If you're a faculty member, open your mind to a diversity of career choices for your advisees.
Student's choices of where to apply to college are enormously important.
Several attendees agreed that finances are shaping more and more families' college choices.
The social networking service hasn't exactly been free from criticism over the choices it has made with regard to user privacy.
While the absolute number of students opting to study abroad continues to go up, their destination choices are shifting.
Online learning today is really about choices-for universities and colleges, and for students.
It is not always about a state's lack of money but sometimes about its choices of where to direct revenues.
People own their choices and it is not the government's business to correct those choices in the name of happiness.
One could argue that people should not be protected from the consequences of their own choices.
How this might pertain to choices that people might make is, as yet, unclear.
Some people would doubtless still make foolish choices, no matter what.
The typist chooses one, which is added to the growing text, and the program presents another set of choices.
They were disappointed: the president's choices-and his intentions-remain frustratingly ambiguous.
Officials from other emerging economies also fretted about the consequences of the rich world's policy choices.
Nowadays, populism generally involves protecting the income of certain producers from the free choices of their neighbours.
With all the choices available to news consumers online, traditional media remains the source readers go to when it really counts.
Customers have a lot of choices, to reduce churn rate from increasing, firms need to provide best what they can.
Most work in garment factories, seen as the best of a few bad choices.
More serious is the fact that patients-and indeed family doctors-lack much useful information on which to base their choices.
All involve choices, each of which leads to people's deaths.
The broad amount of money saved was no surprise but the priorities revealed something of the tougher choices ahead.
Another, for older kids, is to encourage them to make better choices.
They do not give consumers choices because they aren't labeled.
It also helps to eat better and make healthier food choices.
Which means that our choices, collectively, take on the freight of artistic implication.
Sometimes there are no perfect choices, only degrees of imperfect ones.
It is in these choices that politics, partisanship, and values have become intertwined.
State governments are where some of the hardest choices about taxes and spending have to be made.
As a rule, these choices are fast, unreflective and effortless.
Free will is an abstract construct solely meant to describe our ability to make various, often conflicting, choices.
We should not lose sight of the arbitrary choices being made about the value of lives ibn this article.
Some people will change their choices in response to such information, others will not.
Lifestyle choices or other features of modern life must be contributing as well.
Diversity offers future choices, these choices may or may not include the human experience.
Marigolds and sunflowers are good choices as they are relatively easy to grow organically and tend to attract lots of bees.
But lifestyle choices-namely, diet and exercise-also make a big difference.
And technological innovations are making ever-bigger ships, loaded with more choices, possible.
Studies show that coaches often make poor choices in crucial situations.
We discovered a world of mountains and deserts, mysterious cultures, and stark moral choices.
His goal is not to indict-he doesn't identify the polluters by name-but to raise public awareness about the costs of our choices.
Most of these focused on the moral choices the war demanded.
His election may have been historic, but the comment does not belong in your historic choices column.
Automats, moreover, always sought to offer the widest possible variety of culinary choices.
If you have a free-ranging animal that's an insectivore, it has access to thousands of different choices when it comes to insects.
Our society is set up to make it almost impossible to have people make healthy movement choices.
Its long coasts offer many different choices for a time of sun and relaxation, each one with its own local culture and character.
More word choices enlarged what could be communicated.
Excellent choices all but no such list is ever really complete.
It might simplify your breakfast choices, but wouldn't you rather have a perfect cup of coffee.
The face is my obsession and he validates my own work by the choices he makes.
Dinosaurs had two choices when winter arrived-tough it out or try to escape.
As a practicing vegetarian and a picky eater, she finds few choices at school.
Even if at the end of the book, you made a few small choices or changes in your diet, that could change your life.
If his argument was less than fully persuasive, that was in the nature of the choices before him.
Discusses the question journalists ask presidential candidates about their favorite books, and mentions some of their choices.
We owe more to parents of children in medical crisis than a complicated menu of choices in the midst of a tragic situation.
He had so many choices, so many talents and interests.
In order to make choices, people need their options narrowed in advance.
But one can still ask her to respect the choices of others.
And there certainly are situations where moral hazard does seem to have an effect on people's choices.
But you have to make the right choices and follow that still, small voice within you.
From these choices no principle of selection emerges.
But the small puzzlements of the words themselves, the cancelled or broken phrases, the second choices-these are interesting.
The care of patients is complex, and choices about treatments involve difficult tradeoffs.
But mostly my choices were spontaneous and impulsive.
There are clearly no redemptive choices, no epiphanies.
If you return you have three choices: flee, sit in prison or shut up.
Caught between cultures, the children of immigrants often face stark choices between traditional and modern values.
Law applied to ordinary decisions leads to bad choices, which leads to more law, which leads to worse choices.
Consumers have plenty of choices in the marketplace.
The toughest part is sustaining a career, and that's about choices.
Instead, brain scientists are asking volunteers to ponder purchasing choices while lying inside high-tech brain scanners.
Progress means abundance: more labor-saving machines, more comforts, more choices.
See how your personal choices may affect the climate.
She outlines the choices she made over her life which may have influenced her current situation.
Physicists trying to make sense of the new measurements are facing the same unsatisfactory choices.
But children are really not in a position to make informed choices about long-term health consequences.
Other animals, from birds to bees, make choices in the same way.
We need to do a better job thinking about what choices to make.
We need enough sense about science to select the decision makers who will make good choices when faced with scientific questions.
Science is increasingly able to help such people look at their own choices more objectively.
Obviously this is mostly fun and my choices are completely idiosyncratic.
The choices of a pair of individuals are going to have an impact on the costs born by society as a whole.
These present a society not much different than our own, except for greatly expanded opportunities and choices for individuals.
Soon, creative tasks may consist primarily of picking from a menu of choices offered by a computer.
We need a return, as a nation, to an informed and rational debate about the choices facing us in reforming health care.
As a result it's no better to guess than to leave an answer blank if you cannot eliminate some of the five choices.
People make choices every day that affect only them and many not in the interest of longevity.
The two researchers explain that our decisions are governed by both conscious, deliberate choices and unconscious intuition.
Conventional decision theory cannot explain why humans make paradoxical choices.
The health-care industry is using games to encourage better choices.
Rather, it will provide layers of information to help them make choices about which drugs and other treatments to try.
Conventional diagnosis, in contrast, relies on a patient's subjective choices from among a series of corrective lenses.
All these options would allow users to make informed choices.
They lacked the intellectual tools to make good choices and to apply their ethics.
Timing plays a huge role in our choices, because technology markets change quickly.
But deduction strategy is based on probability of option from limited number of choices.
None of these services can match the catalog or-to state the obvious-the pricing of the illicit choices.
Sometimes company's technology choices change in an instant, with a casual word dropped from the boss.
Software can, for example, help doctors make better choices.
It is better than the other choices available to them.
These kinds of decisions are far better made by persons who have an economic incentive to make good choices.
When a few people or a few companies make a bad choice, some people can suffer from those bad choices.
Moreover, game criticism may provide a means of holding the game industry more accountable for its choices.

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