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Asphalt composition shingles are a popular choice because of their low price point and long life.
It seems an odd choice of words to describe anything in this war-torn region.
There is absolutely no choice but for it to improve.
Plus, being exposed to cosmic radiation for years and years and years cannot be a good lifestyle choice.
With only two weeks left until the concert, they had no other choice.
It has energized research into global health, made that work a credible career choice and attracted politicians to the cause.
Not only had he been the choice of his party's nominating caucus, but he had served.
When all tourism stopped because of the oil spill, she had no choice but to close.
It is also brilliantly written: dense with wry descriptions of choice observations.
The authors conducted four studies to see whether participants benefited from having more choice.
Many other graduate students are not guaranteed money from their departments, and grant writing is not a choice, but a necessity.
It may also be already too late for them to get their next choice in.
Despite professors' preferences for other machines, the choice of education tools may belong not to them, but to their students.
If you do have a choice, however, do not think twice.
Gawain gets the right answer, which is that the choice is hers.
Some administrators are beginning to make changes, sometimes by giving professors a choice in the process.
Thanks to its multiculturalism, the city is a choice shopping destination for both vacationers and migrants.
And still others weighed in on whether the law was an appropriate career choice.
We are able to ask why the choice between family and career need be made at all.
Ever-increasing choice was supposed to mean the end of the blockbuster.
We model firms' choice between exporting goods using fast but expensive air cargo and slow but cheap ocean cargo.
Remarkably, television can deliver these huge audiences even though it provides more choice than ever.
In fact, vehicle-burning has become the suburban crime of choice.
Nobody should send suggestions that if someone from the clan is chosen, that would be a bad choice.
They noted each boss's choice of words, and how he delivered them.
The paper examines the incentives of a bank faced with a choice between selling a loan or keeping it on the balance sheet.
Nickel-content alloys are a better choice for durability, but more expensive.
Farmers insist that the government has left them with no choice.
But if they make the wrong choice the results could be disastrous for them.
Nominate your own choice for coverage in this magazine series.
For thousands of years, koalas' devotion to eucalyptus trees was actually a good choice.
Explain to students that they will design a kimono of their choice.
Ask each student to write a paragraph comparing and contrasting two continents of their choice.
Take a tea break with a customizable jigsaw puzzle-easy or difficult, it's your choice.
And for anyone with a particle of ambition, there is little choice.
Their subsequent feeding, after they were given a choice of foods, was then monitored.
Learn why it is the reptile of choice for exotic snake charmers.
Their food of choice is jellyfish, though they will eat small fish and huge amounts of zooplankton and algae as well.
Their habitat of choice is the fresh or brackish water of river estuaries, coastal lagoons, and mangrove swamps.
Yet its first choice of food is always the snowshoe hare.
But in the winter that might not be the right choice.
In environmental terms, though, it's a solid choice.
Society, in dealing with the feminine spirit, has its choice of clearly defined alternatives.
Faith, as you say, there's small choice in rotten apples.
When playing this simple game, people consistently reject the rational choice.
And whatever moral reasoning you did to make the choice could have led your doppelganger to make the exact opposite choice.
After losing their land, farmers have little choice but to work for large landowners and agro-industrial companies.
But egoism can be the best choice, since nobody would benefit of participation.
So two computer scientists created an algorithm that packages your encrypted data into an executable file of your choice.
Whatever you choose, the choice is always your and can never be accredited to or blamed on anyone or anything else.
Not again, factory farming in any way has only proved to be the wrong choice.
More than half of the burned-out residents said they were not happy with their career choice.
Unfortunately, it's a false choice because there are no realistic alternatives to use.
When there is no choice to be made, there is no guilt or fear of judgment because it was not in our control to begin with.
That's why kids perform better on multiple choice as opposed to written answer tests.
His problem is choice: he simply has too much of it.
It's a terrific choice for an easy family dinner or casual entertaining.
We looked at what the other customers, seated on stools at low wooden tables around the kitchen, were eating and made our choice.
The choice was to bear witness to an atrocity, or to end it.
The fact is that living in an expensive city is a consumption choice.
Even after making a choice, some people are never truly committed to it.
Dot knew she would have no choice but to slam a home run.
Given his tendency to close his eyes for long moments when he speaks, this is probably the safest choice.
Given the choice, they'll go for the hotel that offers the best of both.
We must protect that line between individual choice and group pressure.
But pills and propaganda will be ineffective if having many children continues to be the rational choice of parents.
If rubber recycling hits a glut, there may be little choice.
Starting at the time of separation, the voles received unlimited access to alcohol in a two-bottle choice test versus water.
The scientists started by giving their test subjects a choice.
None of them have an infinite choice of mates, and some individuals will inevitably end up with an inferior partner.
The rat will freeze and then make a choice about what to do next.
The rest of us have no choice but to acknowledge our frailties.
Absent a conscious choice, the choice will be made for us.
But once you actually do jump backward in time, you still seem to have a choice about what to do next.
It's as if he's trying to use a word choice that raises doubt about the measurements.
But whatever your tool shop metaphor of choice might be, neither saws nor sanders work if the glaciers don't move.
The science had led them here, they said, and advocating for the dolphins was their only moral choice.
The problem turned out to be the scientists' choice of a transposable element, or transposon.
These were hardly people whose mate choice was limited by the distance they could walk on their day off.
That's a brave step forward but one that he has little choice over, if his ideas are to be broadly accepted.
The mechanism of spontaneous accurate choice against tremendous odds is all important.
Since water is the choice for running turbines and sodium reacts violently with water, a heat exchanger leak seems catastrophic.
In quantum mechanics the past can sometimes be delayed, for example in delayed choice experiments.
Each client paid five dollars and answered more than a hundred multiple-choice questions.
The financial marketplace, meanwhile, has become a dizzying emporium of choice and easy credit.
It was an interesting choice of issues for him to mention.
He made an explicit choice years ago to submit his films to censorship in order to gain a broader audience.
But there was a stilted quality to the word choice and the phrasing.
The other major carriers had no choice but to go along, and the industry found itself in the middle of a full-fledged price war.
She greeted a good choice with silence, a bad one with loud reproach.
The choice expressed a fastidiousness central to hIs temperament.
It was a deeply unfortunate-and largely misleading-choice of words.
Consult your pastor about the choice between sightlessness and personal bankruptcy.
They made the choice of what they wanted: each other, within a single career.
It seemed the universal opinion that he was the ideal choice for the job.
Third, the choice to jettison legal constraints has inflicted long-lasting costs.
On the whole, the public shows good taste in its choice of idols.
Animals have no choice, since their survival is at stake.
Think of it as the book-choice version of a tapas bar or buffet spread.
But as countries turn to abundant coal as the energy source of choice, many worry an environmental catastrophe is in the making.
Yet the way it's filmed you're not given an easy choice.

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A doubtful choice, of these three which to crave, A kingdom, or a cottage, or a grave.... more
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Therefore is love said to be a child Because in choice he is so oft beguiled.... more
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