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Truffles, the chocolate kind, usually have creamy ganache centers.
Finally, you can also dress it up a bit with chocolate chips once it's cooled.
The chocolate shop on the ground floor beckons with all sorts of heavenly aromas.
Satisfying your craving for chocolate is easy, no matter where you are in the world.
Gold-frosted chocolate leaves dress up holiday desserts.
The result is something that looks as if it were partially dipped in chocolate.
Gimmicks don't often mix well with the art of making chocolate.
My diet doesn't need chocolate bars because it's about nutrition.
Melt chocolate in a pot or a microwave and have students dip marshmallows into the chocolate.
Studies abound detailing the effects of chocolate on our nervous systems.
Dark chocolate cocoa was everyone's favorite, with milk chocolate a close runner-up.
For deep flavor, try this version made with espresso powder and dark chocolate.
In addition, the kids usually each end up with one whose windows open to a piece of chocolate each day.
Cut the chocolate into one-inch pieces and place in a saucepan.
Fruit is pretty sweet, eat fruit instead of that chocolate ice cream.
That's kind of a creepy thing to put on a box of chocolate.
AT culinary benefits where more than one dessert is served, something with chocolate is inevitable.
Gourmet chocolate bars are the equivalent of a designer handbag.
Give each group of students one of the following in a large bowl: chocolate syrup, corn syrup or vegetable oil, and one feather.
White chocolate is sweeter and creamier, making it a good choice for hot chocolate.
Top this version with a layer of crushed holiday candy and mini chocolate chips.
Sundae maker with pre-heated hot chocolate and whipped cream.
These rich chocolate brownies are topped with a delicate layer of peppermint candy.
Chocolate syrup can also be used to create a bit more maroon color.
Meanwhile melt chocolate over hot water and whip the cream.
He also wished he had added a few more calories to the diet and ten more pieces of chocolate for the two explorers to share.
Melt wax and chocolate chips together in a double boiler.
But when it came time to eat the chips, the chocolate and sardines scenarios had zero effect on actual enjoyment.
My dark chocolate skin and my bold jaw line complimented my broad nose and my full lips.
Place a double boiler or small saucepan over low heat, and melt butter and chocolate together.
The fillings include vanilla or chocolate custard, fruit fillings, or sweetened cream cheese.
She was the size of a large pheasant and was perched on a low stump, her chocolate wings spread protectively over her nest.
The don't-miss dessert: a mango sticky rice crepe drenched in chocolate sauce.
Bug bits end up in such foods as chocolate and peanut butter.
Which is why everybody likes a wedding more than a funeral, or chocolate more than gum surgery.
Kiwi slices were laid on top of chocolate icing in the shape of a vague double helix.
Combine chocolate and half-and-half in top of a double broiler.
Place over simmering water until chocolate is almost melted.
Chocolate is made from cocoa nibs, but contains a much larger proportion of fat than cocoa preparations.
Or, preferring chocolate, the guest perhaps goes to the other end of the table and asks for a cup of chocolate.
Cook over hot water until mixture thickens, then add two squares melted chocolate, and cool.
He called for fresh chocolate, and next moment heard the report of a pistol.
Flavor with one-half teaspoon vanilla and one and one-half squares melted chocolate.
He consumed three club sandwiches, devouring each as though it were no larger than a chocolate-drop.
These beans, harvested from the faeces, then create a coffee that tastes rich and slightly smoky with hints of chocolate.
Melt the chocolate in a small metal bowl set over a pan of simmering water.
Here are three ways to enjoy the essence of chocolate, without the calories.
There was a lot of crying, sticky hands and vanilla- and chocolate-stained clothing.
For an elegant touch, dip the edges in melted dark chocolate.
These cookies are a holiday twist on traditional pinwheels, in which plain and chocolate doughs are swirled together.
Fill peanut-butter cookies with bittersweet chocolate, caramel sauce, and marshmallow.
Personalize a milk-chocolate heart for your significant someone with a white-chocolate message.
It is often argued that more lore attaches to chocolate than to any other human consumable except wine.
Participants were given a piece of chocolate after being shown a picture of money or a blurred photograph.
Researchers had rats eat normal food, then binge on sugar and chocolate-flavored snacks.
Globe-trotters can experience flavors that go far beyond the standard chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.
Chocolate is always a great fix, but warm and gooey chocolate is even better.
Let the milk chocolate melt in your mind-not in your mouth, a new study suggests.
Keep the chocolate mixture hot and dip each ball to coat, using a spoon.
Here you can contemplate the ocean while soaking in waters laced with essential oils and chocolate.
The event includes teas, tea sandwiches, scones and dark chocolate mousse served on three-tiered stands.
The natural sweetener in your soft drink or chocolate bar could soon come from an unlikely source: potatoes.
For a step-by-step guide to making homemade chocolate shards, click here.
The chocolate is used for the exterior, with the ice cream inside.
The meal comes with a choice of a soda or low-fat chocolate or white milk.
We have made wonderful smoked salty chocolate, salty caramel, and strawberry pink peppercorn sorbet.
For dessert there are five servings of chocolate fondue and five servings of flan.
Not all hazelnuts taste alike, the author learns after conducting a worldwide search, but they all make chocolate taste better.
Cook over medium heat, stirring until it is chocolate brown.
Even couples whose heads are so white and puffy they should wear hats made out of graham crackers and chocolate.
We had dinner at a local restaurant, and he polished off the meal with a big piece of chocolate cake.
Buried deep within she found an apple and a single chocolate.
First there was the native cacao tree, from whose fruit chocolate is made.
It should come as no surprise that scientists have spent many hours contemplating new tortures for the chocolate-addicted.
Their colors can range from a deep dark chocolate to a glinty white.
And let the record show, it was a chocolate milk shake.
It's impossible to go wrong with layers of graham, chocolate, and marshmallow.
Fold one third of whites into chocolate mixture to lighten, then fold in remainder gently but thoroughly.
Although trends come and go, chocolate mousse never fails to impress.
These individual cakes-garnished with delicate chocolate shavings-are sure to impress at dinner parties.
Transfer chocolate to a small heavy-duty sealable plastic bag.
Or make a double recipe of those irresistible chocolate croissants and share them with friends.
It's a square of craggy chocolate that carries none of the elegance of a cake.
The imported sort, coated with dark chocolate and dusted with praline.
Cocoa beans-the source of chocolate- in a cacao pod.
Spread on crackers, slathered on celery, melted with chocolate: peanut butter goes with almost anything.
Sure, it's more creative than chocolate and flowers, but mental-asylum accessories don't exactly scream romance.
He was looking forward to his weekly allotment of chocolate milk.
She banned chocolate milk, vending machines, and fried foods.

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It was Mabbie without the grammar school gates. And Mabbie was all of seven. And Mabbie was cut from a chocolatemore
People in Stamps used to say that the whites in our town were so prejudiced that a Negro couldn't buy vanilla ice cream.... more
Think of sweet and chocolate, Left to folly or to fate, Whom the higher gods forgot, Whom the lower gods be... more
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