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Straight from the pages of the magazine's top-scoring feature, this little book is chock-full of tremendous fun.
Biscuits and pastries are made from scratch here and the menu is chock-full of locally sourced foods.
Over the past decade, scientists have discovered that our crops are chock-full of dormant characteristics.
Once again we'll be featuring seven weekly guides chock full of geeky present ideas.
Your article is chock full of excellent information and valid points.
Patience is the key to this soul-satisfying soup chock-full of winter greens.
Part of the fun of hiking in the woods is the treat of coming across a bush chock-full of wild berries.
Even more evidence that our own little backyard in the universe is chock-full of wonders.
The movie is chock full of peculiar cross-references.
Chock full of info, and the discussion forum is invaluable.
The safest procedure is to always chock the wheels closest to the dock--especially on a tandem-axle trailer.
Ensure employees block and/or chock the backhoe wheels when parked unattended on an incline.
Workers should always chock the wheels when working on a vehicle that is left on an incline.

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