chitchat in a sentence

Example sentences for chitchat

He is easily bored by chitchat but lights up when the conversation turns to politics or the environment.
He was asked to minimize chitchat and keep the troops moving.
Framed against the holly green walls, high-powered show-biz types emit a buzz of confident lunchtime chitchat.
The two white-maned television comedy icons hugged and engaged in some friendly chitchat as everyone in the hallway gawked.
Usually, they practice with chitchat about vacations and jobs, dates and children.
In other cases, parents may be too tired or stressed to engage in lighthearted chitchat with their babies.
If someone is waiting, nothing is more frustrating than watching workers engage in idle chitchat or banter.

Famous quotes containing the word chitchat

Such a set of tittle tattle, prittle prattle visitants! Oh Dear! I am so sick of the ceremony and fuss of these fall lal... more
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