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Only his nose and feet were chiseled from the reliefs in his chapel.
One cool bit: the tires were chiseled from solid blocks of rubber, the only way to support the weight of the car.
Close up, she could see his chiseled face, a small cleft in his chin.
One look at them could have told you that no human hand had chiseled those drawings in the stone.
Patiently but insistently, they chiseled away for years at athletic segregation.
Chiseled square at downstream side of bridge at base of third railing post from right end.
Chiseled square in center of lower lip of doorway to gage house.
Over the years many of the boulders have been covered with these chiseled figures known as petroglyphs.
The local terrain is comprised of rugged, wide open mesas and chiseled steep canyons.
The local terrain is comprised of rugged, rolling foothills, with wide open mesas and chiseled steep canyons.
Chiseled square on top, downstream side of left bridge abutment.
Typical triangulation mark, a drill hole in bed rock with chiseled triangle.
Petroglyph: a design chiseled or chipped into a rock surface.
There are holes, pictures, initials chiseled into the rock.
We rewetted the wall, chiseled out the sections to be re-blocked, and then fastened a diamond-mesh metal lath to them.
The cliff parallel to the westernmost embrasure has been chiseled out to increase the field of fire.
Chiseled square on corner of concrete platform for outside staff gage.

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