chiropractor in a sentence

Example sentences for chiropractor

One in three people with low back pain seeks treatment from a chiropractor.
Because my chiropractor said it was good for my back.
The writer is a pediatric chiropractor who works with autistic children.
Five textbooks are popping the seams on students' backpacks and sending them to the chiropractor.
When you get seriously ill go to a chiropractor or a naturopathic witch doctor and ask for a solution.
Also pencils, including a painfully bent pencil that is an ad for a chiropractor.
She began going to a chiropractor for weekly treatments, but eventually she decided to have an operation.
The next stop was a chiropractor, who worked on both hip and back with no improvement.
He and her chiropractor are the only people she trusts on medical issues.
Recipients can carry hundreds of books without needing a follow-up visit to a chiropractor.
But first, make sure you have access to a good chiropractor.
And that he's visiting a chiropractor for treatment.
Southfield chiropractor gets pollution prevention loan.
Chiropractic patients have a right to expect a professional standard of care from their chiropractor.
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