chiropractic in a sentence

Example sentences for chiropractic

If the right pressure could be applied to him he would be cheerfully in favor of chiropractic, astrology or cannibalism.
While realignments may bring immediate relief in chiropractic, they do little for investors.
The one bias that my small-town doctor dad drilled into his children was against the chiropractic world.
All you had to do was attend a college of chiropractic medicine and you got out of it.
She sought chiropractic treatments for a neck injury and helped nurse a priest dying of cancer.
Osteopathy had some shared theory with chiropractic.
Chiropractic is too important a practice to be torn apart by some gold-digging naysayers.
Chiropractic techniques have been useful for some people whose condition is produced by pinched nerves.
Room amenities include chiropractic mattresses, mini-refrigerators and coffee makers.
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