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Instead, the bank appears to be cashing out some chips because it needs the money.
Little chips kindle the fire and big logs sustain it.
These confections may be used at dinner in place of bonbons or ginger chips.
But whenever the chips came down, they always came down on the side of the guy who needed a good lawyer.
Squatting on the ground, they liberated chips and tossed them into plastic buckets.
From their stalls, vendors sell everything from automobile piston rings to potato chips.
For companies making gallium arsenide chips, however, the announcement was good news.
Forget your old chips and dip and try a new veggie crisp.
Serve with sour cream, tortilla chips, and cilantro.
Greet guests with appetizers of sweet-and-sour and spicy chutney and potatoes on crackers or chips.
The brine also attracts the delicate, not the bitter, flavors of smoldering wood chips.
Top this version with a layer of crushed holiday candy and mini chocolate chips.
Avoid growth-stunting organic mulches such as bark or wood chips.
Tuck in baked chips and a sports bottle with pomegranate juice.
Cranberries, nuts, and chocolate chips top these delicious bars.
As computer circuitry advances, silicon chips decrease in size.
In terms of profit margin, she does better selling chips.
They were all bifacial, meaning the toolmakers had knocked chips off of both sides of the stone to shape it.
But today, gaming the system has created the rise of pirate finance where nothing is created, only chips raked in.
Everyone loves chips, and that's part of the difficulty in my line of work.
Some thought he used magnets, others said heavy oil or porcelain chips or a substance he found in beehives.
Ling is interested in surgical techniques that involve implanting electrodes or computer chips underneath the skin.
Minty mashed peas, on the other hand, refreshed the well-executed fish and chips.
We ate tuna sandwiches and potato chips on paper plates that had been gnawed by mice.
But for the moment they liked the sea, throwing pebbles into it, eating chips.
Guacamole is practically an afterthought, hidden under thick, unsalted chips freshly fried in corn oil.
The statutory debt ceiling and the threat of default have become political bargaining chips in the debate over fiscal policy.
So you'd have to find something else that little kids want to wait for, be it plastic figurines or poker chips.
Hotels are increasingly replacing mainstream candy, chips, beverages and other mini-bar treats with locally made indulgences.
Candy bars, sodas and more chips are often in hand when you return to the car.
Tortilla chips might not be health food anytime soon, but science may have found a way to make them lower your cholesterol.
Power-chips can also switch between grid and stored power in milliseconds to ensure uninterrupted power.
For one thing, the data on these chips will be readable remotely, without the bearer knowing.
In coming years wireless will vanish entirely from view, as communications chips are embedded in a host of everyday objects.
Dual-core chips are commonplace, and quad-core chips are spreading too.
Old satellites, chips of paint and jettisoned rocket stages are hurtling around the world at thousands of kilometres an hour.
Rare earths are used in high-tech products from computer chips and televisions to cars and missiles.
Most electronic devices have moved into the era of silicon chips and other solid-state technology.
The technology has been incorporated into the audio chips used in tens of millions of personal computers.
Today's circuits throw off about half as much, but future chips will run hotter and may require liquid cooling.
Nuts and dry cereals, for example, are good alternatives to chips and other junk food.
Over a five-year period, optical technology far outpaces silicon chips and data storage.
Eight chips are housed on a board along with heat sinks.
Computers that run on chips made from tiny magnets may be as energy-efficient as physics permits.
Imagine potato chips with all the flavor but far less sodium.
He toed through the dinner-plate-size granite chips that littered the floor and scooped one up.
Set a brick or cinder block in the bottom of the larger can and spread sawdust, straw or wood chips around it.
In a large bowl combine all of the ingredients except the chocolate chips.
Whole wheat chapatis and poker chips slid off the tables.
They are constantly twitching about, and giving out half-screeches or chips before they erupt into a full screech.
Melt wax and chocolate chips together in a double boiler.
Someone can live on potato chips, pot, and cherry soda and call himself a vegan.
The floors are covered in pinewood chips, for bedding.
It looked as if people would soon be able to eat cookies, cake, and chips to their heart's content and never gain a pound.
The country has long used its nuclear program and random acts of military aggression as bargaining chips with the outside world.
Melt chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water, stirring.
They were the little guys-with big chips on their shoulders.
She's not beholden to anybody and she doesn't worry about where the chips fall.
Pit members of the same minority against each other for the benefit of privileged white bystanders hoarding their poker chips.
The trend in electronics toward miniaturization squeezes more chips into ever smaller devices, leading to intense heat buildup.
He's pushed all the chips toward the center of the table in what may be one of the biggest bets in the history of human endeavor.
Horizontally to the nuclei orbit, chips are flung out to produce a pole on each side of the orbit.
More planks had been reused as ramps, and the cave floor was covered in wood chips left by ancient shipwrights.
Early versions of these gene chips are already in use, ranchers say, but the new information may allow a new level of precision.
Moreover, they show flake scars, the marks that are left when a hammering tool chips bone.
If you can't grow enough food, make computer chips and trade for food.
So sit back on your recliner, keep one hand in a bag of chips and another on the refresh button.
These are basically computer chips that are sensitive to light.
The photograph was actually of one of the microelectronic switches that make up computer chips.
To make light chips, you need the photonic equivalent of silicon: a material that can trap light.
Shrinking computer chips have propelled the information revolution.
Breeders of dairy cows are particularly excited about the gene chips.
Today's computer chips are chunks of silicon that use electrical pulses to crunch data.
The researchers built those chips into circuit boards that usually hold conventional memory chips.
Fill them with jam or ground walnuts or chocolate chips.

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