chintz in a sentence

Example sentences for chintz

Chintz upholstery fabric is appearing in a downtown shop this season.
Furnished in antiques and chintz, the cottages have hardwood floors and face the ocean.
Rich woods and chintz valences give the eatery a homey yet upscale atmosphere.
It was a comfortable, personal sort of place with cheerful chintz hangings.
His apartment was small but decorated to the nines with chintz-covered, overstuffed chairs.
Mark my words, chintz, brown furniture and handmade pieces are back.
Sitting on a chintz upholstered slipper chair with her elbow slung across the top, her casual pose exudes self-confidence.
Chintz calico formed the curtains, put up without cornices.
Many pretty chintz shadow effects anil dark tapestry patterns are here displayed.
The chintz bug has made iU appearance in some sections, to the alarm of many farmers.
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