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His features are delicate and refined, leaning to weakness in the mouth and chin.
Lingonberry juice had stained an enormous crimson patch around my mouth and down onto my chin and neck.
He has a prominent forehead and a fine mouth and chin.
The mouth is too high for the bottom of the mesa to be the chin.
Its down was fuzzy against my chin, and its new feathers tickled the side of my neck.
Flustered, he stands up on pointed toes, raises his chin and arrogantly flourishes his hand in the air.
Following tradition, her chin was tattooed with four lines.
Having had his jaw broken in the persecution, he wore a bandage under his chin to support it.
There have always been recurring cycles of undress, followed by muffling from shoe-soles to chin.
He had a smile that thrust out his chin as if it were dislocated.
She is a type even to the point of a double chin and lorgnettes.
Let me stay the growth of his beard, if thou delay me not the knowledge of his chin.
He has colorless eyes, fixed earnestly, and a face almost as pale as the clerical bands beneath his somewhat receding chin.
He might not have a great chin, but a fighter with a bad chin wouldn't have gotten up from the punch that floored him.
Science tinkerers continue to take it on the chin.
Thayer added a forehead pad and chin rest to his design of the catcher's mask to help absorb the impact of the ball.
Their lives could be prolonged significantly with a change of scenery below the chin.
It's common to put the remote on the cable under one of the ears, so it hangs close to your chin.
Brash and blunt with a cleft chin and a bushy mustache, he projects a gruff, old-fashioned avuncularity.
The police caught glimpses of him through the store windows with the gun jammed under his chin.
My chin snags the edge on the way down, snapping my head back.
The skill of waiting is in being stubborn without betraying any of the confrontational chin-thrusting of stubbornness.
Things get better, especially if you keep your chin up.
For those currently on the market, keep your chin up and your self-esteem high.
They are the ones over-reacting, with a mixture of chin-jutting solipsism and defeatism.
He hops and shakes, wings flapping or tucked in, chin whiskers fluttering.
Then he pulled the strap tight under my chin and secured my goggles.
If she grows tired during an event, she will lounge languidly against a nearby barricade, chin in hand.
You're not a singer unless you give us a dozen of those chin-bobbing melismas in every song.
She became reflective, tilting her face and resting her chin on her hand.
Her acute hearing picked up the sound of his hairy hand palpating his chin.
But the excitement and seriousness on the boys' faces made him check his laughter and scratch his chin.
Then she paints shadows around the eyes and sides of the face, and under the nose and chin.
He had shaved a few days earlier, and an even stubble ran from his chin all the way around the top of his head.
He has a cleft chin, good hands, and a wary look of being about to spring away from dangerous situations.
She tells him that she'd let him talk to the chairman of his department with a dab of pate on his chin.
To move the bride's chin, the photographer put his fingers on her cheeks.
She wrinkled her chin and slightly puffed her compressed lips.
Next time you pose for a cover photograph, try dropping your chin one inch or so.
Note the biometrically consistent ratio between the eyes, the nose, and the chin.
She wore berry-pink lipstick outlined with a brick-colored lip liner, and her frosted blond hair in a simple chin-length bob.
Tonight, despite her forced cheerfulness and chin-up longanimity, she is slightly hunched over and moves as if doing so hurts.
He considers for a moment, stroking the colossal chin.
He has a scraggly mustache and a small white beard growing off the bottom of his chin.
Gertie then got heavier and developed a wattle under her chin in the next few weeks.
Now you're simply trying to find a way to bring your chin-whiskered compatriots over to dominate the planet.
From fingers to elbows to chin to forehead, different regions of our skin are dominated by different combinations of species.
If you take a closer look at his face when the helmet comes off, you'll see it, from his nose all the way down to his chin.
Having drool dribble down my chin is definitely not acceptable behavior.
Her surgery included a nose job, brow lift and chin implant.

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