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For that matter our closest ancestor the chimpanzee eats meat in the form of monkeys, and such.
They are also compared to our closest living relative, the chimpanzee.
Nim was a smart and engaging chimpanzee that touched everyone who worked with him.
Researchers may get up at dawn hoping to grab chimpanzee faeces that fall from the trees.
And it is noticeably different in a human from that in the brain of a chimpanzee.
No solemn chimpanzee funerals in the backyard, that's for sure.
When he heard a chimpanzee-sounding laugh, he said he started giggling at it.
Midway through the evening a chimpanzee on roller skates suddenly appeared.
In each case a chimpanzee modified a branch by breaking off one or two ends and, frequently, using its teeth to sharpen the stick.
The initial results indicate they belong to a chimpanzee.
And if any animal could help to answer that question, it's the chimpanzee, one of our closest relatives.
One incident of cannibalism does not a chimpanzee make.
The lack of this bone makes chimpanzee feet even more flexible in trees, but it also makes them worse at walking on the ground.
More genes underwent positive selection in chimpanzee evolution than in human evolution.
At first he thought he had found a chimpanzee fossil.
The blank slate presupposition seems to apply to chimpanzee culture too.
It would have been harder to survive on the diet of a gorilla or a chimpanzee in such places.
Of the few previously described adult chimpanzee deaths, reactions from the rest of the group had often been quite different.
Our closest relative, the chimpanzee has none of these adaptations.
Terrace began the project expecting to see that a chimpanzee could master sign language.
Compelling evidence that altruism is a genetic trait comes from studying our close relative, the chimpanzee.
Also, the example of the chimpanzee proves how lack of relationships affects mental stability.
But a new clue to language's early formation comes from chimpanzee behavior.
Study is more evidence that humans are nothing more than a chimpanzee with an intellect they can't fully utilize.

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