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Example sentences for chimp

In the chimp study, tubes of peanut butter and frozen juice bars were used.
Second, they discovered that there were more uniquely human expression patterns than uniquely chimp ones.
Group urges government to strictly limit chimp research.
Manipulative chimps often reach the upper echelon of chimp society.
On problem one below, the chimp should press the middle lever.
The release includes both the raw sequence itself, as well as alignments to the human and chimp genomes.
One chimp that was exposed for three minutes, however, showed lasting behavioral changes.
Humans have mostly abandoned the grooming strategies of our chimp cousins.
The chimp s ancestor stayed in the tree our ancestor came down to the water.
But as it turns out, the chimp brain and the human brain differ hardly at all in their genetic underpinnings.
These were chimp teeth about a half-million years old.
If a chimp gave the scientists a token of one color, she got a package of food while her partner got none.
Many individual investors lose consistently by trading, an achievement that a dart-throwing chimp could not match.
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